Dangers of low blood sugar

By Debbiejf Latest Reply 2013-07-21 19:05:31 -0500
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So yesterday I was on my way to Wal-Mart and felt my blood sugar getting low so as soon as I got in the store I headed for the orange juice and got a small bottle to drink. Now this has ALWAYS done the trick before, however, this time something went really, really wrong :(. My blood sugar kept getting lower and lower, I grabbed a serving of chocolate milk-surely this on top of the orange juice should bring it back up! No dice, I'm getting worried now I can barely function, I use the electric carts as I can't walk far distances (back problems), and I have to stop frequently and just lay my head on my arms. Thankfully a lady saw this and recognized I was having serious problems. She touched my arm and asked if I was okay, I managed to get out 'no, I'm diabetic, blood sugar too low'. She said 'hold on I have something to help you', she looked for glucose tabs in her purse but couldn't find any…she then said 'I'll be right back'. She came back with her boyfriend and said he was also diabetic and he handed me a glucose tablet. She said 'go ahead it won't hurt you', I could barely chew. She offered to call 911, I said 'wait a few minutes, see if this works'. I had tried some kind of glucose tablets years ago but they didn't work so I never bothered with them I just tried to keep some juice with me but didn't always have some. It took about 10 minutes and I actually started to feel a little better and 10 minutes after that she said 'you're starting to look better'. I said 'I can't thank you enough!'. I would have called 911 on my cell but my cell phone won't work in Wal-Mart! And as busy as it was in the store this lady was the ONLY person who bothered to ask if I was okay!! So I managed to make my purchase and got home safely, thank God for that couple. I just might have gone into a coma if not actually die right there in the store. Of course I was soaked from sweating so profusely, that was nasty business. Once I got home I laid down on the sofa and slept for 4 hours. It takes so much out of me when I go through lows like that but that was the absolute worse low I have ever experienced. Now I carry a pack of glucose tabs with me along with a tube of glucose gel.

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melnpot 2013-07-21 19:05:31 -0500 Report

Hi Debbie! I'm glad you're ok. My doctor gave me a prescription for glucagon for extreme lows. I always carry it with me as a last resort. I've thankfully never had to use it but it's gotten close a couple of times.

Angie Type 1
Angie Type 1 2013-07-19 14:13:04 -0500 Report

Debbie, I have had similar problems with my sugars going low while shopping and I know how you feel. It is so scary and you just feel alone and helpless. That was so wonderful that a stranger helped you like that…but a shame so many around were oblivious of you in trouble. There are still good samaritans and caring people out there. I do carry glucose tabs with me at all times and other things in my purse or pocket. It's my so called "safety net" . It totally leaves you feeling drained like you said. Hope this severe low doesn't happen again. Did you retrace your steps before you went to Walmart…(if you aren't on the insulin pump..could you have taken too much or taken it twice …I know someone who took a double dose forgetting he did it an hour prior. I always try to figure out what happened …Although with this disease, it can just happen.

Debbiejf 2013-07-20 07:04:41 -0500 Report

Hi Angie :), I keep a 'journal' of the date, time, bs reading and which insulin and how much I take. I use those mini composition books, very convenient as I keep them in a shoe box size storage container with my meter, insulin pens, needles and ALL of the pills I take…LOL, I have become very organized. But until I did this I couldn't remember if I took any pills or which ones when? I wish I was this organized with everything else in my life ;)! I'm pretty sure I may have lost track of time since I was planning of eating about a 1/2 hours after taking the insulin (my bs was up a bit so I took enough to bring it down to normal plus a few more to compensate what I was going to eat). This happens to all of us I think, but even when this has happened before all I had to do was drink the orange juice and after a few minutes I would be fine so this is actually the first time this has ever happened where the juice didn't work. I got really p.o.'d about it too! You're right, there have been times when my bs has dropped for no apparent reason even after I had eaten something and hadn't taken any insulin it just dropped.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-19 10:41:15 -0500 Report

Debbie, that just goes to show you that even though people are so caught up in their own lives that there are still a few people out there who care about others. Definitley thank God for that couple for helping you.

I go to a lot of meetings. I am often with our Neighborhood Services Police Sgt. I told him that I am diabetic and told him what to look for if I get low. I also have ICE(in case of emergency) app on my phone on the home page. It has a medical symbol. I told him that when I am out with them, I will take the password off so he can get to it should he need it. I also told him that I always carry my meter in my purse and in the meter case is a packet of Level Life Fast Acting Glucose gel and showed him where in the case to find it.

I am glad you are doing good.

Debbiejf 2013-07-20 07:20:31 -0500 Report

That's wonderful to have someone aware of your condition and willing to take on the responsibility to do what needs to be done…in case. I have often thought if I could I should just wear a huge sign saying' I AM A DIABETIC…if I don't look well or am unresponsive—-call 911! I don't carry a meter but I do carry with me a list of all the meds I take and a card that says I am a diabetic. I had been contemplating getting a medical alert bracelet but now I am definitely getting one!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-20 14:33:23 -0500 Report

I rarely carry a wallet so it would be useless for me to carry a card. The medic alert app on my phone contains all my information. I always have my phone with me.

The Sgt. and I would together on community issues and are always somewhere together. 99% of the time he picks me up for meetings since I can no longer drive. He has to know and I know I can trust him to help if needed. He has noticed at a meeting and brought me a cookie or something served that has carbs.

One day I was on the sofa because I was so low I didn't trust myself to move. I was waiting for the soda to work. He called I didn't remember talking to him. 20 mins later he called back. He was going to come take me to the hospital because he knew something was wrong. I told him what had happened and he told me to not hesitate to call if I needed to get to the ER in a hurry.

It is good to know people will take the responsibility if necessary. If I were you, I would get a medical alert bracelet and down load the app on your phone. It is free for android and Iphones.

Debbiejf 2013-07-21 03:46:18 -0500 Report

unfortunately I don't have an android or iphone, I can't afford the monthly fees for the more popular cell phone company services. I have a tracfone and an Assurance wireless which is free (in some areas) for low income people.

Survivor7311 2013-07-18 20:40:09 -0500 Report

i have the same problem if your on insulin and took it before walmart its always best to make sure you carry low stuff juice garnola bars special k works snd of course the gluclose tablets/gel!!! even a small thing of cake frosting in a tube helps!! glad your okay and that theres still a few good people out there :D

Doorhandle 2013-07-18 19:13:09 -0500 Report

I'm happy you are alright. Thank God you have someone that noticed you were in danger. I myself had an situation one time I was driving back from the Dialysis clinic, I live about 20 miles from the clinic and one time when I left my blood pressure was about 105/74. I was driving on the highway and started to see black dots in my vision. I pulled checked my BS and it was 60. Thank God I had some glucose tablets in the car and poped a couple. I stayed parked on the shoulder for about 30 minutes just to make sure I was able to contiune home. I always carry them with me. They work for me.

Debbiejf 2013-07-19 01:46:16 -0500 Report

Thanks :). Normally I do but as I was on my way to a place where there was such an array of things that work. I wasn't really that concerned until I was parking and felt that things were getting urgent.

GabbyPA 2013-07-18 18:39:02 -0500 Report

Wow, I am glad you are okay. I am surprised like you that the orange juice didn't work. I'm so glad that someone stopped and asked and had what you needed. I guess you were falling so fast the OJ couldn't keep up. That had to be so scary.

Debbiejf 2013-07-19 01:49:02 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby ♥, I couldn't believe it…a half hour had passed by the time the woman had approached me! I thought for sure with the combo of juice and choc milk??? Definitely won't take any more chances again!