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Hello everyone,
I haven't been here in several months, and wanted to say hi to all the new people.
My mother was in the hospital from May until mid-June, when she passed away. She died in Hospice, because there was not much the doctors could do for her anymore, and she was exhausted with procedures and being poked and prodded continuously. She would have been 81 a week ago.
She died from renal failure due to uncontrolled Diabetes. It was very sad to watch her deteriorate, and it happened very quickly.
I learned a lesson from her struggles- you really have to watch your eating and exersise because that is what helps to keep the complications away. Even her small amount of medicine didn't help. She would not test her BG, and she would not take insulin, and it finally caught up to her.
I say this, just because I have seen first hand what happens when you don't control it, and don't want that to happen to of my friends that I know and care about.

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Doorhandle 2013-07-18 19:21:08 -0500 Report

I'm sorry for the loss of your parent. My mother passed on the same way about 5 years ago, and here I am battling the same renal failure that she had. I have always taken my meds and insulin for the past 25-odd years. The battle contuines.

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