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I was reading on this site and thought it was very informative. Check and out and let me know what you think?

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jaclyncrystal 2008-12-16 12:09:46 -0600 Report

Type 2 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is when the body attacks and destroys good cells and tissues mistaking them as foreign intruders. Thank you for letting us know of this site, I did not realize it was autoimmune like my lupus, guess I am just plain rotten through and through(just a autoimmune joke) jackie

kdroberts 2008-12-16 10:28:12 -0600 Report

Are you talking about

On a side note to people who don't know but are interested, islets are the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin, among other things. The ones that specifically produce insulin are the beta cells.

Anonymous 2008-12-16 12:44:04 -0600 Report

KD, How funny that you mentioned it. I went to the doctor today and we were talking about them(islets). I am having stomach problems and we do not know why. We ruled out the flu and my medications so I am having several tests done to find out what the problem is. Thank you for the information. We were thinking I may have developed diabetic autonomic neuropathy. I have neuropthy pretty bad in my feet.

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 08:00:35 -0600 Report

Ok color me stupid. I can't get it. Would you post the link again. All of these don't seem to be working. Thanks

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-16 10:17:54 -0600 Report

Go to the reviews under Mr hypo is my friend 20-21. Scroll down right side until you see the onethat says, Islets of Hope. Click on that, I think you will find it interesting…Sorry Debe

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 12:56:25 -0600 Report

Great Site! I love it. I found some great info for where people can donate their unused supplies. One more in my favorites...I am going to have to make a folder for just my diabetic sites.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-16 12:59:11 -0600 Report

I knew you would like it Gabby. So sorry for the inconvience. My eyes couldn't figure out for as many times as I look at it, the n didn't belong in there. I think its a sign of old age…Debe

GabbyPA 2008-12-16 13:12:08 -0600 Report

LOL. I do the same thing and I switch up a lot of letters too. My fingers are faster than my brain....even though my step daughter bought me some brain cells for my birthday. They are the three you can just imagine.