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I have read a lot of post since joining this site. I have read post from angry, frustrated people. Post from people who are in denial and post from people who know they should be taking care of themselves and won't. Post from people who have no support and post from people who deal or cope with Diabetes and other illnesses.

Many of the problems people have in life are created by them and in other cases people with problems wait until the solution to the problem is so huge they can't solve it. People also will not take responsibility for their diabetes and rely on others to be responsible for them. There are also people who are so needy that they lose support and friends because they basically use people as crutches to help them be co-dependent.

The simple fact is that many of these problems will go away if people would simply enjoy life. You can't change other people, you can't make people your crutch and you can't make people be supportive of you. You have to learn to be responsible for yourself.

My diabetes does not limit me any more than my sisters heart problem limits her. Some of you may know we have a small jewelry making business. We vend every Sunday morning at our local Farmers Market and Craft Bazaar. This past Sunday morning our tent decided it wanted to break down and leave us to roast in the sun in 90 degree temps and 80% humidity. I swear the fresh corn my sister bought was popping in the husk in the heat.

Yesterday evening we decided to go get a new tent. We first thought we would have to drive to York, PA which is about an hour away from us. We end up having to drive to a town in the state that was a roundtrip total of 150 miles. The trip took us halfway up into the mountains. No it was no more cooler there than in the city.

During the drive, we saw a hawk flying overhead and thought that was beautiful until 15 miles later I spotted a bald eagle flying majestically and regally over the tops of pine trees. For about ten miles we could smell nothing but fresh pine from the forest on both sides of the road. Clearing the forest we looked down into a beautiful valley dotted with rows of corn, farm houses and barns. We later passed a pasture and saw cows lying under the trees next to a stream. A few of the cows were cooling their hooves in the stream. We continued on and went through another line of pines and at the edge of the pines we saw a huge barn that was freshly painted fire engine red. It was beautiful. We listened to Jimmy Buffet throughout the entire trip.

Prior to having a Cracker Barrell in our state, we would get up on Saturday mornings and drive to PA to get their salad dressing. We didn't have an Amish Market near us so again we would get up on Saturday morning and drive to PA to their market. We use to get in the car and drive to W.VA to the casino and that could be at anytime during the day or night. We have gotten up and decided to go to Kings Dominian to ride roller coasters all day. One Sunday morning 4 years ago it was so hot, a friend called and said lets go to the beach. We went and bought food and off we went for the day. It had to have been at least 103 outside but the water in the quarry was ice cold and refreshing. Three weeks ago we got up and decided to go to an Amish Market in our state that is an hour away. Last Saturday we drove 90 mins to a Bead Warehouse and spent two hours browsing shelves looking for beads. Tomorrow night I am going to our huge Arts Festival to see one of my favorite music artist for free.

You limit yourself because you choose to do that. Life is for living not being filled with anger and frustration. You can learn to be self supporting and self motivating. Stop depending on others and learn to depend on yourself. Stop trying to change people and change yourself.

If funds are limited like mine, save up for a day trip. I have a friend who catches a casino bus to Atlantic City once a month during the summer just to walk on the boardwalk, shop, have lunch, walk on the beach and never sets foot in a casino. Go to the library, get out and meet people and make new friends. Explore your city or a major city near you. There are so many things to do that are free, take advantage of them. Take lots of pictures when you have an adventure. When you get too old to get out and about your pictures will bring back fond memories and you will be able to say "I really enjoyed my life".

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JSJB 2013-07-28 10:58:57 -0500 Report

Well written and I Agree. My wife and me used to drive all over Pa. and enjoyed every mile. Even though I did all the driving, I felt so relaxed at the end of the day. We are planning day trips after my daughter moves out and I am thinking of getting a part time job for the funds. Retirement is ok but boring If the funds are low. It sounds like you travel like me get in the car and go where the front wheels are pointing. Enjoy yourself have safe and pleasant trips

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-28 19:55:44 -0500 Report

JS, there is nothing like getting lost and finding a new place to visit if you can remember how to find it again. That has happened to me several times. I have an aunt who lives on our Eastern Shore. The first time we went to visit we discovered she lives in a quaint little village. Even though we have visited her several times we never stopped in the village to look in the stores. We plan to do that this trip. I pack a snack and water and we get in the car and go find places we where we want to explore.

JSJB 2013-07-29 02:46:01 -0500 Report

My wife and I always go of the interstates to look for small towns. I just like to browse but she is the buyer. This trip is a sight seeing one but I bet she will find other ways to spend the money.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 12:03:27 -0500 Report

We were driving back from Orlando and decided to stop in St. Augustine. We came around a bend in the road to a breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean. We ended up spending more time there then we intended.

If you are ever in Colorado go to Gerogetown. It is Mayberry in the mountains. Very small town. We stayed there for a week. We visited a working gold mine and tried digging for gold and went to a stream and tried panning for gold. We would get up in the morning and watch Big Horn Ram climbing around the mountain and at night we would hear mountain lions. The highlight was taking a trip over Oh My God Rd. which starts out paved then ends up being a mountain pass. We were so high up we were above the tree line. Thankfully a friends nephew who lived in the town was driving. Beautiful country.

GabbyPA 2013-07-28 08:55:23 -0500 Report

I love to write poetic prose and I find great pleasure in just observing the small trite little things in life. Taking time to notice the mundane and make it special is a great way I have found to create an appreciation of things great and small. It helps so much to keep a perspective of what is important in life.

When I travel (another thing I enjoy doing) I also journal in the same way. Pictures are nice, but words express what goes on inside. When I take time to read them years later, they evoke the memories again like it was yesterday. It is so much fun and a great way to keep those memories when my memory is fading.

Always, a smile comes to my heart when I am doing things I enjoy. Even in the heat and sweat of summer, my garden is a source of great enjoyment. It is so satisfying to see things go from seed to plant to fruit. Diabetes pushed me into this labor of love in an effort to take care of myself and my family better. So even in the scare of such a diagnosis, there is great joy in the results that come about.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-28 20:37:47 -0500 Report

Gabby, I did that with my Disney World photos. (although the 400 photos I took was a task). I have never thought to journal while traveling. I must do that. Thanks for giving me that idea. I will definitely do that and put the journal with the photos.

I am not good with growing veggies or fruits. I planted some flower seeds in the spring and babied them. I now have a big pot of beautiful flowers. Diabetes doesn't have to be a means of not living life. I had to change my entire lifestyle and thought it would drive me crazy until I got the hang of it. Now I realize that even with a disease, there is great joys in life no matter how big or small they may be. You have to keep looking for the positives and not let the negatives bring you down. Beautiful post.

Scarlet03 2013-07-27 19:10:28 -0500 Report

Of course Joyce everyone should enjoy life to the greatest measurement they can get … Even if it's spending it outside or at the neighborhood park or just 5 minutes with people you love. YES diabetes shouldn't run a person's life . When you take for granted a disease that can change in a heartbeat, you shouldn't be closed minded . Also, asking for SUPPORT from others is not being needy unless it is asked to often. Once someone has found a common bond with others. It's a knowing to that person they are not alone . Like many of us at first diagnosis . Cause some of us don't have that support on the home front like we expect too. Last but not least, Joyce you know this is a frustrating disease . So people have a right to vent, cause styfuling your emotions doesn't help and its good for your mental wellness as well as physicall

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-28 20:29:21 -0500 Report

Scarlet diabetes can be frustrating. I choose to not let it frustrate me. This didn't happen over night. It took time to adjust to the highs and lows and educate myself on what to do and what not to do. I am also not going to worry about a disease that can change in a heartbeat. I don't take my life for granted simply because I have a disease that can change in a heartbeat. I have no idea when or if that change in my disease will come and I am not about to sit around waiting for it to happen. I take the time to smell the roses or the coffee because life is short and tomorrow is not promised to you. I don't have a closed mind, I think outside of the box. Only people with closed minds accuse others of being in the same boat. This is why you missed the point.

There is nothing wrong with venting. But if you allow anything to build up such as stress and if you allow your illness to limit you, it will destroy your mental and physical wellness. You also can't complain all the time. If you do people are less likely to listen to you.

I said that if you depend on people constantly supporting you or motivating you, this means you are a needy person. This can cause you mental anguish when the people you constantly ask for support stops supporting you. Your support system is made up of friends and family who also have families and lives of their own. They can't always be there for you when you need it. Would you want to have someone who was so needy that you find yourself spending more time on supporting them then helping yourself? If you abuse your support system, they will abandon you. With diagnosis comes change and decisions. All the support in the world is not going to help you because in the end you are the only one who can make decisions when it comes to your health.

You have to get out and enjoy life and live it to the fullest. When you allow the obstacles in your life to grow and fester, this can be styfulling. These obstacles will bog you down in a mire that you may not be able to get out of. So you can say I am closed minded, or anything else but I am the only one who can make decisions where my health is concerned. My goal is to move forward by leaps and bounds or one step/one day at a time for as long as I am able to do so. I am also above saying someone is closed minded or ignorant of others needs because when you do that you are attempting to hold someone down. You cannot hold anyone down unless you stay down there with them.

Scarlet03 2013-07-28 20:49:01 -0500 Report

Ok you made your point Joyce …now stop treating me like a child . By the way I have control over my life and what I want to do with it. Diabetes doesn't control me or anyone else for that matter. I enjoy my life one day at a time. For as limited as I have it. Also this is the last post I'm ever going to speak with you. Obviously, we live and think on 2 different spectrums and we will never come to a comprimize.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-27 19:57:30 -0500 Report

You missed the entire point.

JSJB 2013-07-28 04:58:27 -0500 Report

You have the right attitude Joyce. Life is too short to sit around and mope. I love to travel but by car. My wife and Me are taking a 4+ week tour around this beautiful country in Sept. When we get back who knows as long as the cash holds out we will enjoy ourselves. Keep traveling and live your life to the fullest..

Scarlet03 2013-07-28 10:09:30 -0500 Report

I'm happy for you and you're wife can travel all over the place . I wish I could do that again. My point to Joyce is, there are those who can't afford a city bus pass or even go outside their front door. Living life to the fullest can be anything that makes a person happy in that moment no matter what they can afford . Others that can do more shouldn't rub it in and be demeaning to their circumstances…cause they don't live in their shoes

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 12:12:36 -0500 Report

Scarlet there is no need to be nasty. This was a great conversation until you started with your very nasty behavior. There are people with far more than you or I have and there are people with less. This doesn't mean that anyone is rubbing anything in because some have done more than others. You simply don't get it and more than likely never will.

hairbear68 2013-07-28 10:52:01 -0500 Report

I may not go out my door but me pc let me travel the world and even space with hubble photos too unser water sae just need more photos from I think it called alvin

Scarlet03 2013-07-27 20:10:38 -0500 Report

That is how I read and understood it…no need to put down my reply… AND NOT EVERYONE IS UP ONE PERSON"S STANDARDS

pixsidust 2013-07-28 01:36:51 -0500 Report

Scarlet03, You are just fine with everyone else and meet up with the best standards! There is nothing wrong with your understanding…Not everyone is understanding…so thank you for trying!

bbchen68 2013-07-22 19:46:08 -0500 Report

Limited funds? 13 cruise ships? Aghghg!

Nick1962 2013-07-27 16:37:37 -0500 Report

Actually, cruising is a very inexpensive way to travel, and with most lines, if you’re a returning customer you get some pretty hefty price breaks. If you haven’t tried it I’d really recommend it. One garage sale and a couple gas mileage reimbursement checks got me to little San Salvador Island, San Juan, Turks and Caicos Islands, and St, Thomas all in one week. The only thing extra I paid for was gas to the cruise port, food on the islands, and booze on the ship, which wasn’t much. It really is insanely inexpensive. That was my second year of being “in control” of my diabetes and I figured I deserved a little reward for the work I was putting in and for the 50 pounds lost.

I guess what Joyce is trying to say (and correct me if I’m wrong Joyce) is that we can’t just sit here and be diabetic. We need to try and get up and do something about it, and even if we can’t do anything ABOUT it, at least try to do something WITH it.

That first cruise was - pardon the pun - a boatload of fun. I learned to partially overcome my fear of deep water (I’m not a strong swimmer). I also learned I like snorkeling way more than I like diabetes. So I told myself every dollar I DON’T spend on my diabetes or health issues was going toward travel. Kind of my incentive/reward program to take care of myself.

By my 5th year of “control”, I was saving about $2500 from medications I was taken off of, test strips I didn’t need to buy, less frequent doctor visits/co-pays, lower food bills, and a nice health insurance premium reduction we got because we were participating in their healthy lifestyles program. By my 6th year of control, I had enough to get me to Hawaii, with my own snorkel gear (which isn’t really expensive), diving in an area only accessible by boat, and the highlight of the trip – having a nice dinner with another member of DC here. Each test strip costs about a buck. So does the food you buy to hand feed schools of butterfly fish in the wild near Ahu’olaka Island off Oahu.

At some point I’ll be too old to do this, or heaven forbid my diabetes will get me. Before that time though, one goal (of many) is to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Travel may not be your thing, I understand, but I think we all need to find out what “our thing” is to keep us happy and in the right frame of mind to continue to wake up and face the next day.

CJ55 2013-07-28 22:58:43 -0500 Report

Ahhhh, very nice story Nick. I did kinda the same thing but I did it when I quit smoking. Saved a bunch of money and went on a cruise. Been on several now and love it. We use Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. My favorite place thus far, Cabo San Lucas.. Pulling into port with pods of whales besides each side of the ship.. What a beautiful site to sea. Amazing!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 11:54:32 -0500 Report

Good to have you back CJ. I was in Curacao and was standing on the deck and saw dolphins jumping and playing in the bay. I think the ship tipped because everyone who was back on ship was on the deck watching. They were beautiful.

Nick1962 2013-07-29 09:33:20 -0500 Report

I think I liked San Juan the best. We pulled out at night and the fort was all lit up.
We've been using Holland America - smaller ship with far less children and a fantastic staff.
Good to see you back by the way!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 11:57:12 -0500 Report

I have never been on a Holland America Cruise ship. The smallest ship I have been on was the old bucket of bolts Disney Ship. I swear that ship was so old we thought it was going to sink.

Nick1962 2013-07-29 12:06:10 -0500 Report

On one of those trips, the ship's stabilizers were broke. Felt more like "Deadliest Catch" than a cruise.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-29 12:25:29 -0500 Report

The night before we were to arrive in Granada, there was a storm 100 miles away. When we had to transfer from the ship to a tender. I was terrified because the ship and the tender were not rocking the same way. Getting on the tender wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and we enjoyed the Island. When we got on the tender to get back on board the ship, I stepped up and my dress was caught. I felt like I was falling. An officer who was on the tender grabbed me around the waist and we were holding on. I was trapped becasue the man behind me had a life grip on the pole and had a good part of my dress which caused me to become unbalanced. People were yelling at him to let go and he only held on tighter. They even tried prying his fingers loose. Finally some woman slapped him and he let go. I let them get him off and then I got off. He apologized to me and everyone else. I had never seen anyone as terrified as this guy was. If it hadn't been for the officer, odds are I would have lost my balance and fell over the side because I was at the very top of the step when this happened.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-27 17:02:37 -0500 Report

Nick for me to go to Marylands famous Ocean City for a week it costs today well over $2500.00. This would include gas to get there, to use while there and to get back home. Add to that food, hotel room and entertainment and other things I may want to do. I can go on a cruise for $1100.00 or less with meals included have a cabin with a private balcony (which I think is the only way to cruise) and pay for any island fun and still come out cheaper. A crusie is about the cheapest vacation you can take because everything is paid for once you pay for the cruise. These days you can even prepay for island fun before you even go on the cruise. I have been on so many cruises the cruise line sent me a Platinum card which gives me perks that I don't have to pay for on ship and special boarding. I can't stand being in water over my head, makes me nervous. My sister went snorkling when we were in the Caymans and said it was fantastic.

When I went to Hawaii years ago, it cost me $700.00 including airfare and hotel and the hotel was upgraded twice. We flew to the the Big Island and walked across a volcano, a black sand beach and did other things.

I was in school on my last cruise and because my classes were on line, I paid for internet access and attended one class. The instructor was suprised I was in class. I told him I needed a break from all the fun and I was in class to get some rest and sip my margarita.

Diabetes limits you if you choose to allow it. I am not one for that. You don't need a fortune to travel. Here in Maryland you can go somewhere and catch a Bolt Bus to New York for the day and it is about 20 bucks. I plan to go to New York for a huge Gem and Jewelry show in the fall.

You can believe me when I say as soon as I get another job, I am going to be on a cruise ship going somewhere. I refuse to allow diabetes from stopping me from doing anything I want to do. Life is short and I intend to get as much living in as possible.

Nick1962 2013-07-28 19:03:49 -0500 Report

Well, I only have the silver card so far, but the way things have been going for the cruise lines lately, it's actually cheaper for me to live on-board a cruise ship. This year though, with my back surgery costs, I think any vacation will have to be free though unless I stumble on some really good deals.

Nick1962 2013-07-29 09:34:42 -0500 Report

Just yesterday I got an e-mail - 5 day caribean for $400 + $200 ship's credit. Thats less than my mortgage!

bbchen68 2013-07-27 16:55:57 -0500 Report

Hey Nick, I appreciate your comments. I travel quite a lot and have snorkel end the Great Barrier Reef twice! I take tour groups all over the world as a side job. I love it! And if you lead the tour it is free! :)
I guess I know a lot of folks here in Alaska for whom limited funds means choosing between food and medication. I realize that for many people, cruises are an inexpensive way to get out and see the world.
I also am familiar with many people who suffer from mental illness and I respect how hard it is to get "out there" at all. Lots of folks with diabetes suffer from diagnoses that include depression, anxiety, etc. As a community of helpful and supportive people we should be careful to reign in our attitudes about our own health success to be able to identify with others. Done people find "just stop being needy and self pitying" to be inspirational. I do not. Nor do I appreciate being told that "someday karma will get me and maybe God will let Joyce watch." That is psychotic. This is just another example if cyber bullying that no one wants to confront. Thanks for your mediative efforts though.

Nick1962 2013-07-28 19:25:24 -0500 Report

Hey bb, now I am jealous.
I understand where you're coming from, and as I've put out here before, if you ever catch me being less that supportive, call me on it.
I'm not trying to mediate - I've learned my lesson long ago about that.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-22 21:05:59 -0500 Report

Yes I now have limited funds and yes I have taken 13 cruises, visited Hawaii, toured the California Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles, visted every state on the East Coast from Connecticutt to Florida, I have visited New Orleans, Nevada and Colorado as well as Alabama and Georgia. As soon as I am back to work, I am going on my crusie through the Panama Canal and save for a trip to Africa and maybe Paris or Italy. I don't sit around waiting for the world to come to me, I get out in the world. I learn about different people and different cultures. I also enjoy my life.

bbchen68 2013-07-22 19:44:54 -0500 Report

You are blessed to have such an ability to enjoy life. Many people struggle with things you don't experience or understand. It is ignorant to tell people to get out there. Try to be a little more generous in your understanding of others.

Scarlet03 2013-07-27 22:59:21 -0500 Report

BB I too am in that limited boat of not being able to go very far on my own income . I see your point clearly . With an up coming spinal surgery I'm very careful physically. When I do get out, it's with my family or a visit with neighbors. I have other projects that keep me busy that I enjoy. I don't let my diabetes control me..there are other people, places and things to think about …keep your chin up HUGS

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-22 20:59:41 -0500 Report

First and foremost you can't begin to tell me what I don't understand and you have no idea what I have experienced. If fact you can't say that about anyone. You see BB, I do what I feel in my heart is right for I will be damned if I do or damned if I don't. In case you don't know, Eleanor Roosevelt said that. I see people struggling everyday to make ends meet. I have gone door to door in my community collecting names of people who needed baskets of food for Thanksgiving, I spent time last year working towards our Day of Hope and 1700 people needing some kind of service was at that event and it was free. I have a data base of resources for people in my community needing help. I have helped people get power turned back on, food for their children, and made sure they registered their kids for the summer feeding program. Right now I am working in my community to find a site for a food pantry to help young mothers and senior citizens have fresh fruits and veggies. I am working with a Lt. Col in the Police Department to put together a seperate organization that will help underserved women with children. The women will also be trained to run the organization. I also atteneded a day long summit and facilliated in our police districts room for the break out session. I am also working on a Youth Summit for the kids throughout the District. I am also working with the churches, community leaders and police department for this years Day of Hope. I am also working with the same Lt. Col to put together a Senior Safety meeting to help the seniors in the district learn how to be safe at home and on the street and how to properly call 911. I am looking forward to again serving the Seniors in a housing project Thanksgiving Dinner.

I can pick up the phone and get assistance for anyone who needs it. I am also the Vice President of the community association I help put together 12 years ago. I am also the President of our Police Community Organization, I have also written a training manual for Citizens on Patrol that has been used by several community groups throughout my city.

I have been umemployed for the past 12 months, I get energy assistance and I get food stamps. I have no health insurance but I have health care on a sliding fee scale. So why don't you get down off your high horse and walk a mile in my shoes. Then and only then can you refer to me as being ignorant. By the way, I also have a college degree and graduated in the top 5% in my graduating class.

You see BB in many cases people like you are so miserable and unhappy that they can't find fulfillment unless they are bringing someone else down. They climb out of their holes and rear their ugly heads at the world and do what ever they can or do what ever it takes to destroy other people. If that is what makes you happy then you really need help. I don't have to concern myself with negative people like you because in the end Karma will pay you a visit and if I am lucky, God will let me watch. In fact the negative people can be eliminated from this planet and no one will miss them. So if you choose not to enjoy your life try not to attempt to make anyone else miserable.

Nick1962 2013-07-19 09:24:39 -0500 Report

Yup Joyce, there does come a time when we have to put on our big boy and big girl pants and learn to live (and thrive) with what we’ve been given.
I understand depression, denial and all that – it’s a part of life, diabetic or not, we all have to go through for any number of reasons. At some point though, we need to get the proper perspective and move on. Life could be much, much worse.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-19 09:55:51 -0500 Report

Nick I agree. When you put on your big boy/big girl pants you will finally have grown up. You have to live and thrive in order to move forward in life. At some point people have got to learn that they are not the only person with a problem and if they don't seek help they are going to continue to have the problem. Life isn't going to stop and wait for them to solve it. If you choose to stay in a rut while life passes you buy, that is your own fault. People who are out in the world enjoying life have a more fulfilling life.

jigsaw 2013-07-19 05:03:35 -0500 Report

Your words are refreshing, unique, uncomplicated and pure!!! In other words, one could say, folks get out of yourself, and into the outside world around you!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-19 09:50:35 -0500 Report

Exactly jigsaw. When you stop focusing on yourself and look at the world around you, you should be thankfull that you have what you have and get out and enjoy life.

Bethieanne 2013-07-18 22:47:54 -0500 Report

I am new on here, I've had diabetes for over 18 years. Things have been really hard for me because I feel like I have no support in my house with my husband and kids. My bloodsugars are always up and down all the time. I just wish I had someone to support me.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-19 10:22:03 -0500 Report

So are you seeking support because you are a needy person? Are you seeking support because you simply want attention or are you seeking support because you don't want to be totally responsible for your diabetes and get it under control?

Depending on the ages of your kids, being supportive of you while trying to live their lives or going to school could be more than they can shoulder. Also if your kids are teens, you should not make them be responsible for being supportive of you, they are at the age when they need parental support more than anything else in life. If your husband has been supportive in the past, he may be tired of being continously supportive or your diabetes if you are not doing what you know you should be doing. As an adult, you don't need someone to tell you to test, eat proper meals, tell you what you should or should not be eating and telling you to take your medication. Have you been supportive of him? Support is a two way street. If you constantly seek support but aren't supportive of others, you are basically sucking all of the energy out of your support system.

You are so focused on yourself needing support that the rest of the world is passing you by. Learn to support yourself because you can't make anyone on this planet be supportive of you. What would happen if your husband leaves you or god forbids dies? What will you do if your kids decide they want nothing at all to do with you? If you haven't learned to be self supporting, you won't have anyone at all around you to even care about you.

Instead of being needy, you should regroup. To do this, you have to do as Nick said, put on your big girl pants and start living your life and thrive.

I would do the following:
-Get my blood sugar under control by starting a food journal and list serving size, carbs and calories consumed along with blood sugar readings. This will help you see what you are eating and what causes fluncuations in your blood sugar
-Start a list of goals you want to accomplish. Start small and check off the goal as you accomplish it
-Create a bucket list of things you want to do before you die or get to old to do. Find ways to do them
-Stop focusing on yourself needing support and use that time to spend doing fun things with the family.
-Build a reward system for yourself. If you accomplish a goal, if your numbers are not high or low, if you do something you didn't think you could do, reward yourself. This means doing something special for you and only you.
-Get involved in something you like to do. Find a book club, start a walking group, volunteer somewhere, do things that will allow you to meet people and make friends.

At the end of the day you will find out you didn't need as much support as you thought you did. You will be happy and so will the family. Life is short, spending time worrying about needing support could be spent worrying about what fun thing you could be doing with the kids or your husband. Good Luck.

01misspearl 2013-07-18 15:09:08 -0500 Report

I agree with you this October I am taking myself and my mom on a cruise
I am gonna enjoy it. And because my mom doesn't have much money I am paying for her my way of saying thanks to her for all the hand holding late night talks doctor visits and everything else she has done in the past two years to help me. Thanks mom

Nick1962 2013-07-19 09:08:16 -0500 Report

Nice! Take lots of pictures to share please, and sign up for some once-in-a-lifetime excursions. Depending on where you're going, I can recommend a few.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-18 20:59:08 -0500 Report

That is great. I love being on a crusie ship so much, I have been on 13 all Carnival Ships. Life does not stop and wait for anyone to catch up. I am glad that you are going with your mom. Please have as much fun as possible.