Im now Type 2 Diabetic and I am blessed

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Here's my story, since I am having another restless night and cant sleep. I went to the doctor because I had gotten cellulitus and found out there was sugar in my urine.. Great!! Whats that mean? As scared as I was, I went in the next morning and my fasting blood sugar ended up being 298!! I couldn't believe it, I was now diabetic and my entire life was about to change,. The funny thing was that I was already dieting and lost 40 lbs but the weekend smore's with my children was not helping my cause..
My doctor gave me what felt like… a hundred prescriptions and not enough information. I was so scared that I immediately started to eat healthy, meats, cheese, and lots of vegetables.
The very next day my BS was 209, then the next day 188 and finally the third day it was at 159 all by just dieting and with no medication..
I told myself that I could lower it with diet and not to have to take the medication for very long. I was so excited that I was lowering it with just diet, but I dreaded taking the medication because the pharmacist said it may make me very sick to my stomach. The great thing was, when I took it I did not have an upset stomach but the next morning, I noticed I was having trouble seeing. Being very new to diabetes, I started crying and panicking that the diabetes had kicked in and I was now going blind.
For 4 days I prayed day and night because every day my vision got worse.
If it were not for my good friend who's husband is type 1 diabetic, I may be in worse shape. She told me that it may be my medication that's making it hard for me to see… YES, it was. I was so angry that my blood pressure probably went through the roof. I have five young daughters and finding out I was diabetic was enough stress, not to have to worry about going blind because of my medication. Ahhh that was very scary.
Any who, my doc wanted to call me in a new prescription for something else and I said "No way.."I will find an alternative way to manage my blood sugar. Without the medication I was maintaining my BS between 123 and 144.. I googled how to lower BS naturally and tried a few.
I first tried Bitter Melon and Nope it does not work. Plus you better have a strong stomach if you feel like trying it. I Put cinnamon in every cup of coffee and even though it taste good, it really didn't lower my BS any more then what I was already maintaining. I then decided to go to the Vitamin Shop and ask them if they new of anything that may help me control my BS..
The young gal there told me that her boss who is diabetic takes green coffee bean and Alpha Lapoic Acid. I took the Alpha Lapoic Acid but it didn't work either, so I of course went back and finally I got to talk to her boss who has diabetes… He told me about Chromium Picolate… Amen Amen Amen… God sent me someone who knows what he is talking about and now my BS levels are controlled at 100,,, without the medication that almost blinded me..
This is of course with still continuing my died of meat, cheese and lots of Veggies… I did test it by eating an Ice cream cone late in the evening and my morning BS was 119 so, it is still very important that I follow a healthy diet along with the chromium.
Even though being diagnosed with diabetes has been stressful, I also consider it a blessing. God does everything always for the greater purpose and getting me healthy again is whats important. I dont regret getting diabetes, I only regret that I didn't take care of myself before I got to this point. Thank you God for another beautiful day, with my beautiful family and my LIFE…

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Grandmama16 2013-07-19 21:52:13 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed within the last 6 mo. When my number was 7 or more. I put 7.5 on my bio but I'm not sure. My BS has been near or over 200 at night, 120-150 in the AM. I thought I was doing ok but after reading the BS levels here, I know I'm not. It doesn't help that I'm overweight tho not huge, 69, and have trouble exercising due to fibromyalgia which I've had for years. Even typing this on my I Pad is making my arm ache and tingle. My feet do too in the eve. I think I will try your solution because I do seem to have eye trouble and headache, wear glasses mostly for reading, and take Mitformin yet still have high BS. I figured it had to do with FM, sleep apnea, or something else that I take meds for. I have fatigue but not excessive thirst. It's confusing. My husband is newly diagnosed with Parkinson's and his med isn't working well either. What a pair we are. He has a support group in town, but I don't. Take care

MsBugzee 2013-07-16 18:39:38 -0500 Report

My honey and I both like a late snack and I found that when I did my BS was high. So I quit and it's better. Turmeric is another thing that is supposed to help and it's also helps with inflammation. Hang in there Roxie. It's a process and it takes time to figure it out.

Rebelove 2013-07-15 10:16:04 -0500 Report

Thank you for posting this. It was inspiring and thought-provoking, and I think many of us will at least talk to our doctors about this approach to diabetes. My doctor has no faith in cinnamon, but we haven't discussed any other homeopathic treatments, although she is very open-minded. Anyway, all glory to God…you are on the right path for you. Please keep me posted on how you're doing…you are an inspiration to me! :)

Roxyincontrol 2013-07-15 12:08:26 -0500 Report

Thank you.. I am disappointed in myself today because my levels went to 134… My problem is eating at night, I love eating when I cant sleep and I guess my body does not like that:( I wish I could find a balance between emotional eating and eating because I have too.. I have taken the chromium this morning and will do again at lunch and dinner to get it back to 100.. I have not had any luck with cinnamon, besides it taste good in my coffee :) Thank you for your kind words and I of course will let you know how the chromium is working.. God bless you and thank you Jesus for this new relationship.. XOXO

Grandmama16 2013-07-20 00:52:37 -0500 Report

I wrote before but didn't mention that I've been trying cinnamon In capsules and it might have reduced the BS a bit. I've also been planning to get Tumeric. It's also a matter of my having acid reflux and take med for that which is working well. I haven't awakened not being able to breathe in a long time. Oddly enough I find that popcorn helps too…unfortunately with butter and salt. It's my secret joy to read at night and eat it. I've been trying to reduce carbs and cholesterol otherwise, and adding more fruit such as melons and grapes. I hope their sugar content isn't bad but I can't take too much of them anyway. Raw veggies are a real problem, except carrots and celery. I hope a little peanut butter on celery is ok. It seems to be and I offer it to grandsons, just 11 and soon 9, when we're taking care of them, along with fruit and popcorn. I've been caring for grandkids for 27 years and have 5 children, but lost our oldest daughter to cancer. otherwise she was healthy, ate well and there was no reason to expect cancer. She left 3 little girls 6 years ago. Their dad is doing well with them. He takes various natural remedies including Tumeric and the girls take the old fashioned cod liver oil.
Can I take Cronium with the Mitformin? Trying to cope with this and other conditions has caused a great deal of anxiety. I thank you for your suggestions. BTW, my BS with no dessert was 161.

peggy1255 2013-07-15 06:55:29 -0500 Report

I too have had issues with perscribe meds and have had great luck with following diet and exercise , and now look forward to trying the chromium picolate, thanks for the info

Roxyincontrol 2013-07-15 12:10:58 -0500 Report

The chromium works for me to keep it lower while dieting and exercising.. Ahh I wish it was just the cure but during my trial of eating a little more sugar and carbs with the chromium.. it has not been the cure. I will have to continue watching what I eat and exercising while taking the chromium. I am only a month diagnosed so this will definitely be a lot of trial and error.. I just need to stop eating at night…lol

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