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I live in CT. and my husband is on ssd. he can never go back to work it's been 11 years he has not worked I am a diabetic on med's and insulin every meal and one for bed time I hate needles so ive been on the pen type witch works for me, whats wrong is I can not afored the pen's and strips for me to keep my leavels down I wake in the 2's and 3rs I take care of myself in the last 6 years I lost over 90lbs. I was 220lbs. I walk, swim, a little I have nurve damage in my feet and arthritis in my back and hands so bad i'm in pain all the time I feel 3 1/2 years ago down some stairs and ended up with blood in my brain has been taking for ever to get better smashed my neck vertabres. now feeling better can do little more.becouse my neck is looser and heads starting to not be so dizzy. but i'm out of my pen needles except the nite time on witch is not fast acting with I need realy bad.does anyone know what I can do doc. is no help I can not even see him my bill is 400.00 and I have no money, I get my oral med's from target witch is 10.00 eatch and they do not do much for me keeps me in the 2hundred range I eat right and mostly salad baked chicken ,rice and posta one in a while. not a junk food eater I cook all my meals no out eating or fast foods only 2-3 times a year .I bake all my meats, I grow my veggies. and drink lots of water.what can I do please help.I am on the medical state spend down I have to use up 400.000 be for they will help I did when I feel but after two weeks of medical from the state they took me off again back on spend down. went to see the doc. 2 times one test done mri. and pills. crazy now I have bills 6.000 but they added them and did not count them.what can I do please help ?sorry about the spelling my brain is still off.

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well tonite the nurse from my doctors office called me and said they have funding that they can use to get me some insulin both fast acting and my night time one ive been asking the doctor for help for two years get no where and now this really careing and nice nurses two wonderful ladies are helping me thank god my levels are so high and my cholesterol is high again back on med's for that and getting my med's this Friday hopeing to get back on track very soon have a sore toe so I have been not doing my 3 mile walk a day till it gets better I hope soon it's looking much better went out in my veggie garden weedes are grown like crazy but was good to get out this weekend and yesterday and today needed the work out.miss my walk's.keep all your finger crossed we get eveyrthing in order to get my insulin on Friday.. 2013-08-20 09:52:19 -0500 Report

I finaly have some one helping me with my medical needs I went to day for my a-1 test I know it's not going to be good at all been out of my fast acting insulin for two months now and out of my metformin for a week now had gone to fill last refill and they said I need to talk to the doc. to get more so he said he would not fill it because I haven't seen him in a year that's not true was there in march and in may he was on vication saw some one else but he did not count that. so he leaves me with no medication but 2 pen slow acting shot that wont do nothing ive been in the 3oo in the morning and I went there today made a apointmint got my blood done now have to get up $80 to go to my apointmint on the 9th of sept. crazy will not fill or even help I asked to put in for new doctor every time I go see him he orders samething ive talked to change my med's higher ive been on the same amount for 15 years metformin 5oo and the fast and night time insulin for three years now same amout and waking up in 200's every morning changed what I eat walk garden every day drink lots water and still nothing now I have a pain full foot in be tween my big toe and hurts like crazy ..this lady that's helping works for the doctors office but in a different town clinic she is trying to get me fast acting and night time insulin's and my med's too.hope all goes well and fast starting to feel scared im going to go to high and fall again last time I fell down some stairs a flight to the bottom ended up in hospital for a week with smashed veribrayes in my neck and blood in my brain and i'm still feeling crapy because of that .

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Most pharmaceutical companies have prescription assistance plans. I've found this website to be one of the best ones.

You can also do an Internet search using "prescription assistance" as the key words.

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I used the partners prescription assistance and then the state put me back on the spend down and they cut me of the assistance program im so made at the state they messed it up for me thanks

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