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Frustrated with not knowing how to eat right. Wish there was just a way for someone to tell me, hey this is what you can or can not eat. Instead of counting carbs. Plus how to exercise the right way to lose weight fast.

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Sheila Dentico
Sheila Dentico 2013-07-23 12:11:58 -0500 Report

Hi, Live2dance3! Unfortunately, we diabetics need to educate ourselves however we can, because most of us don't have the money to have our hands held. Sometimes it takes some time, but you must do as much as you can. We were all there where you are.
I started by eliminating (as much as possible) sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, white rice from my diet. And juice :-(. Dr told me to eat my fruit, not drink it. THEN I began learning carb counting, which I basically estimate. I have learned white potatoes spike my bs, one of things that may vary from person to person. You have learn that by trial and testing.
You MUST learn to read labels in the supermarket. Calorie counts, carb counts and ingredients are all important.
But you CAN do it!!!!!! One step at a time.
BTW, would recommend the book
The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. I borrowed it from the library and learned a great deal from it. Available pretty cheap as a used book on Amazon.

bjswarden 2013-07-17 09:29:52 -0500 Report

Hello live2dance3, First welcome. You do not need to lose weight fast it is not good for the heart. what you can do walking is very good for everyone, and DANCING also burns calories. now for eating I just stop or rather cut out all the junk foods such as chips, bread & basically a lot of starch STARCH IS THE CULPRIT. :( Drink a lot of water, and eat a lot of fruits & veggies they seem to fill me up very well & when you actually plan your meals ahead of time and plan what you really like to eat that helps a lot I know it did for me. GOOD LUCK.

live2dance3 2013-07-16 07:28:47 -0500 Report

Thank you so much Denise. All this new information that you have given me had been so valuable. I never knew that this info was all out there. I am sure glad that there is someone like you out there that would actually take the time to go out and look for stuff for me without me even asking. I will surely go into looking at all the information that you have given me. Got a question though. Is it the calories or the carbs that I have to look at and if its carbs do you know how many I can eat in a day. I was trying to find that info out the other day but couldn't get a definitive answer. Once again you have been my reason to improve my life and try to beat this thing. Being diagnosed at 32 kind of sucks but mow 5 years later I can finally see what I need to do to beat this thing. I wish I knew what you needed help in cause I feel like this is one sided lol. Anyways I hope you have a great day cause you made mine a better one. Take care and please keep In touch.


denipink 2013-07-16 07:10:02 -0500 Report

Good Morning live2dance3, I found a new website that i just love and i thought of you. Here is a lead you might want to look into.

Diabetic Diet / Torture or Not

The perfect diabetes nutrition plan aims at providing a mixture of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins at each meal at an appropriate calorie level. But its noble twin objectives of providing essential nutrients as well as creating an even release of glucose into the blood from meal to meal and from day to day may not really satisfy the pleasures of a dining table.

Is the diabetes diet sheer torture? Do you have to sacrifice your taste buds at the altar of reclaiming health? Or can there be a via media for the millions afflicted with diabetes? Sign up at this support group and get your answers!

There are doctors and experts on staff that participate in all the groups.

Anyway, hope you are doing ok with the diet. Have a lovely day :) Denise

Roxyincontrol 2013-07-15 03:07:33 -0500 Report

My husband has a saying.. "If it taste good, then its probably not good for you!! " I just eat meats, cheese (Mozz) and all vegetables. I use egg beaters, mushrooms, and lots of no salt seasonings. I realize when I'm craving crud.. If I quickly grab lunch meat and a cheese stick, I tend to lose the craving..

denipink 2013-07-14 09:48:54 -0500 Report

live2dance, you can do this. I know how confusing it all seems and yet so critical that we do it right.

For me, it was trial and error. My BS was up and down and all around like a merry-go-round at first. I was freaked big time. Always calling my diabetic clinic and not always getting them so just had to leave a message. I would come here and one lady told me to go to Emergency when i tested low. I know she was just trying to help. Well, i since learned how to treat a low and No i would never tell someone to go to Emerg if testing low. Have you seen the wait in those places? My God!

What i ended up doing was following a meal plan off the Internet. Here is a 30 day diabetic meal plan from Foodnetwork:

So, if you do your best to follow that remember that you don't need to be perfect. It is quite alright to substitute foods or exchange foods you are more apt to eat. Try that and see if that helps you.

At the same time, you can go to and key in any words, like, "diabetic diet" or "diabetic foods." You can also key in "Diabetic Associations" and something along those lines to see what kind of help you will get. What i always found, was, no matter what i keyed in, i was forever finding all kinds of related info on diabetes, which, is a good thing.

So, keep your chin up honey — it will all be ok. Of course, make an appt with your doctor right away because you need to get this all down pat and you need to get it down now.

If i can help you at all please message me. I will gladly help you any way i can.


live2dance3 2013-07-14 14:52:01 -0500 Report

Thank you so much Denise. It really helps a lot to see that someone out there is really listening to what I was really saying. Thank you for all the good and great advise. I am going to go straight to that website to follow that diabetic diet you recommended from the food network. I will keep you posted to how I'm doing if that's ok with you. Hopefully we can become friends through this whole experience and help and motivate one another. Thank you again for your kind words and concern. Also same goes for me if you need any help or just wanted to simply chat for whatever reason just message me as we'll.


denipink 2013-07-14 15:06:18 -0500 Report

I am glad to know that you can use the info i left, Chris. I remember feeling just like you and when we have to control our diabetes thru our diet we better get it right! I was scared to death to do something wrong. It sure took me a while but i got help here and thru the diabetic clinic and my doctor. In the end, i felt confident with what i was doing but it did take a while even after it was all explained to me.

Anyway, let me know if the 30 day plan does not appeal to you. There are lots more and i can find you a different one if you wish. I spend hours a day online doing research. I am studying nutrition, diet and health sciences so this is all right up my alley.

We can certainly be friends and we can encourage each other. If you need me just holler. I take my friendships seriously so don't be afraid to ask me for something.

Just take it one day at a time, Chris. Do it slowly and get it right. Then add more to that and before you know it, you won't need a meal plan or the only meal plan you will need is the one you make yourself.

Have a good night. Look forward to talking to you again. Denise

Type1Lou 2013-07-12 07:49:54 -0500 Report

I've found that CARB Awareness is key…you need to become familiar with how many carbs everything you put into your mouth has. Lowering your carb intake will result in weight loss. Read the labels…things you might think are safe, might not be. I don't think you can manage diabetes without carb awareness and control.

Rebelove 2013-07-11 20:36:21 -0500 Report

I think Nick1962 pretty much pegged it, but I wanted to say hello, welcome to the community, and I'm here if you need support. Keep us posted on how you're doing! :)

Nick1962 2013-07-11 17:14:32 -0500 Report

Hey, welcome to the family!

You have the same frustrations we all did at first, but it eventually clicks and becomes second nature.
Eating “right’ is different for all of us for many reasons. What role food plays in your life, how poorly you may or may not eat now, having to feed a family, your schedule, finances and so on. Just my philosophy – if it’s advertised on TV or comes in a microwaveable package, it’s probably not good for me. And if it’s bigger than my hand, it’s probably more than one serving – a biggie we have to watch. If you can get yourself to cook/eat “whole” foods (not processed or pre-made stuff) like simple meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans, that’s a start. Try to keep away from the breads, pastas and rice stuff. Just those few simple building blocks can make for great healthy meals.

Exercise is personal too. Do you need to lose weight, maintain a certain health level, or just simply want to do it for exercise’s sake? Do as much as you feel comfortable with – just walking 45 minutes a day is considered good for many of us. More than that can't hurt. And yes, dancing is exercise too.

Fast weight loss is rarely permanent weight loss. Through diet and exercise, a pound/week is a good rate. It took me 2 years to drop over 100 pounds – the biggest portion of that was in the first year and I struggled to get that last 20 pounds.

It can be done. Hang around here, browse for a while and ask questions. You’ll get the answers you need in no time.

live2dance3 2013-07-11 13:25:39 -0500 Report

Yes I know. If I could have people just hand me the food I needed without me worrying about it I would so much better. Unfortunately I'm just like your everyday joe that just has to so things on my own and move forward. Just frustrating not understanding the whole picture of this Diabetes things

hairbear68 2013-07-11 13:21:22 -0500 Report

hey maybe you can do what randy Jackson did get a home nutritionist too make your meals it must be good too have that kind of money and bost that your doing better with a personal fitness trainer and someone too make the right foods

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