What I have learned since I have been type one diabetic.

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I have learned that emotional stress is my problem that I have but yet I do not know how to overcome it. I have been learning as I go because times change they say do this then later they say do not do that just like a food incident I have had. I use to go to classes to learn about diabetes, I also have been to diabetes camp which is called camp koshaka, from camp fire. I helped five little girls I was looking after and all of them hated giving there shot to them selves which I gave them the courage to inspire them to give the shots to them selves, but any way as I rambling on I would have them count to three and use it like a dart like they were getting a mosquito the shot instead of them. Yes thoughts were the good old days, I have had diabetes for 16 years. I am so glad I am alive because I was in sixth grade and not even the age 13 yet. I have made my way to the stage for graduation and have two amazing children that sure keep me going. I am know working on my CNA (Certified Medical Assistant) it starts August 13, 2013. I better go check my self.

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