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diabetic diva 1975
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Hi everyone. I haven't posted in awhile and thought I would give a positive post for a change. My bg levels have been really good lately. Actually at 5.9 yesterday. I have lost a few lbs and I think this has everything to do with my new levels. As some of you know my levels were 22 when I joined this site a few months back although that was out of the norm for me as my levels stayed around 10-14. Making a few healthy food choices and exercise made all the difference. I just wanted to say if I can do it anyone can. I added an app on my iPhone called "lose it" and counted calories. I have been off track for a few weeks as moved from one side of Canada to the other but I'm ready to get back on track. Just losing a few pounds makes a big difference. I feel better and my moods have improved as well. Not so many mood swing sugar/carb side effects. Take care and I hope I inspired just one of you to make a change :)

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Diabetic diva 1975
Congratulations on your numbers
And congratulations on losing a little weight
It definitely does help
I've been trying my best to do it also
Thanks for the great news keep up the good work