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I have an upcoming appointment with the doctor taking over the practice. How do I tactfully address the topic that I'm a T1 (not t2 as the previous doctor always treated me even if he never seemed to read his notes & remember that I was t1, just because I'm older does not automatically say that I'm t2) I was dx as T1 right from the outset. I don't want to start out on the wrong foot by having to correct him. Thanks

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Type1Lou 2013-07-12 07:42:59 -0500 Report

Remember that we Type 1's account for only 10% of the patients being treated for diabetes. I wound up changing doctors in 2010 for my diabetes care because I was uncomfortable with my PCP's approach in handling my Type 1. (Following his instructions landed me in the ER and admitted to a hospital while on vacation 1500 miles from home.) Seeing an endocrinologist who specializes in treating diabetes proved me right since she decreased my Lantus (which the PCP kept on increasing) and re-educated me about meal-time boluses and sliding scales (the PCP had advised me to decrease or eliminate my Novolog boluses (?!!!)) Being a Type 1 for 37 years, I had resisted going on a pump until 2011…now I'm sorry I had waited so long…it's the best treatment option for me and helped me eliminate scary low BG's and get my A1c's back into the 6's. May be time for you to make a change?

Bobby's 2013-07-10 19:13:43 -0500 Report

Yes this is your body and you and me have too speak up and ask the questions that you need,and he is you doctor then he need to answer or find one who will!

Rebelove 2013-07-10 17:31:34 -0500 Report

If you don't speak up for yourself, no one else will. He has a lot of training, and you have a lot of questions. Try starting your conversation with that, and lead into your list of questions. Treat him with respect, of course, and expect no less from him. If you have to, remind him that he is there for you. Any Diabetes Association might be able to help you. Good luck, and keep me posted…I care! :)

Prprincess0923 2013-07-09 19:50:20 -0500 Report

I agree you must speak up and tell him how you feel. Tell him that you were told that you was T1 and if he/she can help you find out if you have either T1/T2 so that way you will know what to do . It good if you have a good relationship with your doctor, well I do have and when you do it's easy to talk to the doctor! Good luck!!

BroadwayGirl 2013-07-09 15:50:09 -0500 Report

Don't be afraid to tell him. Do it politely of course. If he says you are t2, just simply say, "I don't mean to be rude or correct you but I'm actually diagnosed as t1.

old biker
old biker 2013-07-09 15:34:03 -0500 Report

Just remember you never get a second chance at a first impression. Your first appointment is going to set the tone of your relationship with that doctor. If you have any questions make a list and bring it with you and make it a point to tell him you are a T1 not a T2

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-09 15:21:20 -0500 Report

You have to speak up for yourself. The same way you told us is the same way to tell the doctor. You should also ask the doctor to do all the test again so he or she can be sure.

Moussesmom 2013-07-09 15:11:36 -0500 Report

I would speak up for myself..this is important. Remember he is still a person like you and me. Maybe he'll remember then the next time!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-09 15:28:04 -0500 Report

Moussesmom I agree with you. People can sit back and talk about everything and everybody but when it comes time to stand up and speak for themselves they won't do it. Doctors are people if you have something to say to them, say it. This is your health you are dealing with and you need to be proactive in taking care of it. This includes opening your mouth and speaking out and up for yourself.

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