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I am calling this Discussion ADA Information as it is Information I got from the American Diabetes Association. Following is the beginning of a note I sent to Gabby and after that will be more info for all to enjoy.

I saw my Doc again on the 2nd of this Month and they said I lost another 4 pounds since I was there in May. I am now down to 197.6 pounds I started back on insulin on the 2nd not liking it but Doc said it is necessary, I did get to keep my Victoza for now. I am not on here as much as I use to be. I have gotten me a box of information from the American Diabetes Association. It included a cookbook using 4 ingredients or less, using a lot of products that have several ingredients in them as the ingredients. LOL A book called Diabetes 911 an essential guide for any one with diabetes, the book 101 Tips on Nutrition for people with diabetes (Last Year I was putting the tips on here for everyone to see) I also got an invite to join The American Diabetes Association's Living With Type 2 Diabetes Program you could join by going online to, I also got several recipe cards, a wallet card for my Diabetes Info A booklet called Being Active to Feel Your Best, Booklet called Choose to Live Your Diabetes Survival Guide, Count Your Carbs: Getting Started, Nutrition in the fast lane Fast Facts about Fast Food, My Food Advisor Best Foods for You, Reading Food Labels A Handbook for people with Diabetes, Physical Activity the best move you can make, My Plate Planner, Helping Kids to be More Active, Paper on Sensible and Simple steps to Eating Less Added Sugars and More Healthy Carbs, A paper on Taking Control, Marsh Diabetes Care Program, Plus the introduction of the program (The Pharmacy part of it), a booklet on Portion Awareness Plate & Food Exchange Lists this one is from the Diabetes Education Program, Then I also got The Diabetes Advisor sheets as follows # 2, 8, 9, 11, & 12 Plus What can I eat? the diabetes guide to Healthy Food Choices, a paper on Diabetes Complications, paper on Your Glucose Meter and last but not least
The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook I first mentioned this above it is by Nancy S. Hughes So far I have found this cookbook very useful and meals on the table very quickly. Very little time spent in the kitchen both on cooking and cleanup. I am going over all of this information some more and copying all of the sections that I need to fill in so that I can update every 3-6 Months and be able to better control my Diabetes in the Future. I need to space out getting my Meds filled so as not to be without them in the future.

If you need more help with your Diabetes like I do then get online to and see what you can find to help you. I checked for the local office and then called them asking for just the Exchange List for Calories as I have a hard time figuring out Carbs and all that. Here is a little about the Cookbook they sent me Nancy S. Hughes wrote it and I found it very interesting that she calls it The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook as a lot of the Recipes she has done for us uses prepackaged foods in the ingredients. I will place some of the recipes here on our site making sure all know they come from this cookbook. On this Discussion I am going to talk about each item I get from the ADA, I hope they help each of us get what we need out of them. It has 13 Chapters ranging from Beverages to Desserts I will only share the Introduction from this Cookbook with all of you, there is a lot of useful information there for us to use with the Recipes out of this Cookbook.

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The Second Section is about KITCHEN TOOLS YOU'LL REALLY USE
Besides the usual pots, pans, cookie sheets, measuring cups, and slotted spoons, there are certain items that make cooking faster and easer… and they're very economical because not only are they inexpensive, they save you time.

FINE GRATER this is also known as a microplane. It's great for zesting (That is, grating the peek from a citrus fruit) and finely grating hard cheeses, fresh gingerroot, an even garlic. It's made of stainless steel that has been perforated with sharp-edged, small holes. Buy the variety that is made of stainless steel, rather than tin, so it won't rust. Also, choose the style that has a rubber handle or grip at the top for better control. A fine grater makes grating easy and effortless!

Garlic Press This tool is used to press a garlic clove thru tiny holes, which extracts both the pulp and the juice. She says so much more garlic flavor is released using a garlic press than with copping, because pressing produces a finer texture and the oils and flavors are no absorbed into the cutting board. You can place a small or medium clove in the press without peeling it, then press down. The meat of the garlic comes thru the press, leaving behind the peel! Larger cloves need to be halved first. (And here's a bizarre garlic tip for you: to neutralize the garlic aroma on your fingertips, wash your hands, then run your fingertips over any chrome you may have, such as your faucet or towel bar. the aroma magically disappears! You need to try this and see for yourself.)

Hand-held wooden reamer, this is used for juicing citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, an oranges. They come in plastic too (I have 1) It Is a ridged, tear drop-shaped tool with a handle. Simply cut the fruit in half Crosswise and press it into the point of the reamer. Twist the reamer back and forth to extract the juices. You get so much more juice out of the fruit than you could by simply squeezing it with your hands. I will list the next 3 items later. Enjoy.

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We'll start with the Introduction and one section at a time. Here is the one on WHY ONE MORE COOKBOOK?
THIS BOOK IS FOR THOSE WITH DIABETES OR JUST WANT TO EAT HEALTHIER. THIS COOKBOOK HAS ONLY 4-INGREDIENTS OR LESS IN EACH RECIPE. Cooking spray, water, salt & pepper don't count as ingredients, and if she uses the zest and juice from the same fruit It is counted as 1 ingredient. She uses highly flavored ingredients and convenience foods that contain several ingredients in one product. Meaning less time in the Grocery Store and Kitchen. She can shorten the ingredient list drastically without compromising on flavor. As for effective techniques, something as simple as searing or reducing ingredients (that is, cooking them down to a more concentrated form over high heat) is an extremely easy, fast way to get intense flavor without adding extra ingredients, fat or time. If we keep the meal prep simple but the great flavors still there, we'll come back again and again to the same healthy recipes. That was her whole point in writhing this book: to help people with diabetes stay on a healthy track all of the time bringing them delicious flavors and fresh ne ideas that will last them a lifetime. Her no-hassle approach is just…easy and approachable, so that everyone can have the "I CAN DO THAT" attitude. And the whole reason she published with the ADA is that together they have done t work for us. All of the numbers are counted for us and with a fraction of the work we will have quick and great tasting.

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I love the 4 ingredient thing. Of course, I have a hard time not modifying things, but that is the one I am very curious about.

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I will add more to this discussion as we go along. Hope you get a lot of information from it.

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