For Medtronic Pump Users: Reservoir recall

John Crowley
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Just wanted to help get the word out about a recall on insulin reservoirs for the Medtronic Paradigm pumps.

Here's a link to the info from Medtronic:

Instructions from the page:
Our investigation has indicated that this increased potential for reservoir leakage was caused by abnormal wear on a manufacturing tool involved in the production of reservoir stoppers. We are recalling all lots of reservoirs that contain any stoppers from that tool. We have corrected this problem and have placed additional testing and inspection steps into our manufacturing process.

We are instructing all customers not to use the affected product and are providing replacement product at no additional charge. We are asking customers to:

Verify the lot number of the reservoir
If affected by this recall, stop using the reservoir and use a replacement reservoir
Notify Medtronic and order replacement reservoirs using:
Online form (fastest method)
Reply card
Discard the affected reservoir

Visit the page for a list of the lot numbers that are in the recall.

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