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Started 2013-07-04 15:56:43 -0500

I'm wondering if anyone has heard any negative feedback on sugar free candy, I usually treat myself once a wk to chocolate cover peanuts by Russell stover, do you think that's to often?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-07-07 14:47:59 -0500 Report

I have never found sugar free candy. Since it is made with sugar alcohol, it does have carbs but the carbs are very low. I eat the Russel Stover Chocolate Covered Mint Patties. I keep them in the freezer.

I watch my numbers and if they are really good, I treat myself to a real Hershey bar once in awhile. I have tried the "sugar free" mini Hershey Bars and they are just plain awful.

You have to eat what is best for you. You also have to look at how many carbs are in the chocolate covered peanuts and make your decision based on that and how many of them you eat.

peggy1255 2013-07-07 15:23:48 -0500 Report

I keep the chocolate covered peanuts in freezer also , love the mint patties but they bother my tummy,I will keep closer watch on carbs, the regular candy I don't do well with I've found so I stick to the sugar free, I need to get my fasting blood sugar down , so I've been keeping a closer watch lately, Ty for your reply