sudden,clinical drug-induced diabetes: reversability

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Don't know if technically I'm Diabetic 2. Here's my story.

I'm in final weeks of 12-week clinical drug trial for hepatitis c. Clinical biweekly fasting blood sugar tests increasingly rising.* (Possibly it's the protease inhibitors causing the glucose intolerance; there's a history of that, with HIV.)

So I bought a glucometer. Yesterday and this morning's readings (home) are as follows :

8 hr fasting 143 ml
1 hour after lunch 123 ml
1 hour before supper 135
1 hour after supper 119

Making app't with gen'l practitioner Friday.
App't with hepatologist, July 29.

As it feels to me like a coin toss on a couple points, I'm leaving it to more specific tests, and the general practitioner and the hepatologist, to decide; this chemo brain is too maxxed out. For the record, the topic of my anxiety is reversibility / irreversibility. Maybe you might have some serviceable input, feedback, insight, wisdom, etc.**

In favor of reversibility — the fact the hyperglycemia is sudden, not gradual, and the result of the chemo,
So cease chemo, the symptoms will go away.

In favor of irreversibility — that I've "crossed the line," (lost too many beta cells, for instance, for reversibility) — & that (due to hyepatitis-c, no doubt) I'd already developed hypoglycemia 10-15 years ago, so am already predisposed to glucose issues… + am also already careful about my diet and weight and exercise (altho' I may have to be even more so on an on-going basis). Plus, it being an experimental clinical trial, who knows.

**Maybe no one else here has any similar context, but it's healing for me to be able to articulate and be heard. Healing is a dialogue.

*(Am in a state of shock doubly, 'cos the clinic didn't report the elevating blood sugar until 4 weeks after the fact)

So that's my story — and I'm sticking to it.
Am including you in my prayers. Thank you.

In Health.


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