A1C lowering and weight loss

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My daughter is 14 and a type 1 diabatic of 19 months, she just starting using the pump may 19th. Today was her first endo visit since going on the pump, her A1c went from 9.6 in April to 7.4 today, which I thought was really great but she also went from 112 pounds to 107 pounds, she is 5'4 1/2 so under weight still, is it common to lose weight when a1c drops ? Her doctor did not say anything just that they want her A1c under 7.5 but the more I think about it the more concerned I am. I am also wondering if any pump users have used the contact detached infusion set ? My daughter is on the normal straight one but because she is so skinny the plastic piece keeps bending inside of her

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lorider70 2013-07-03 16:06:04 -0500 Report

I'm just on oral meds and am a type II; but I cannot gain a pound and have extreme difficulty maintaining my weight of 145 on a 5;9" frame

sandyfrazzini 2013-07-03 10:44:46 -0500 Report

I have been a type 1 for 31 years and a pump user for almost 8 years, I have noticed that when my readings got better I would always gain some weight. I think that's because I would end up using more insulin and insulin usually causes weight gain. Unless she has really cut back on what she eats, it should not cause weight loss. Good luck.