Dont have money for Christams,start a new tradition.

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This year with money being tight.There are lot of people in my family who do not have the money to buy gifts.So this year we are starting a new tradition.We buy a ornament under $10.00 and wrap it and exchange it with other family who has bought ornaments.Then we can add it to our tree and every year we get a new ornament from our family member as a gift from them.
I was surprised how cheap on ornament is.I went to Walmart and found very nice $2 ornaments.So we spent $4 on two ornament one from me and one from my now every year we get two ornaments from other family members we exchanged with.I can not wait to see what ornament I will get from them so I can add it to my tree.
We buy gifts for the kids and exchange ornaments with the adults.

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You know you can also exchange things like babysitting, cleaning someones house, mowing their lawn, running errands. Write it on a piece of pretty paper and say " I owe you …" and then wrap it. I think that would be nice too. My husband and I used to do this when we were first married and had no money for gifts on Valentines day. Excep those were a little more sexy. LOL

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