Newly diagnosed and starting to feel frustrated

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Hi all, I'm newly diagnosed as a type 2 as of 2/13 and I'm starting to feel the magnitude of it. I try to tackle each day one day at a time, get exercise and eat healthier. In addition to diabetes, I also have high blood pressure so take meds for that as well. I have lost weight (and hopefully will continue) and I'm committed to my care but…it's hard. Since my diagnosis, friends and family say 'You must be feeling so much better!' and I am…kinda… but how do I describe to them that now I have to be aware of so much extra stuff - what am I going to eat today? Is it as balanced a meal as I can make it? Did I over do it and eat one too many carbs and skyrocket my blood sugar? If I'm feeling 'odd' is it because my sugar is too high or too low? Is it due to something with my high blood pressure? Is it a sign of diabetes' physical toll? Or is it just cause my body wants to feel odd right now for no 'real' reason and I'm reading too much into it? Am I out of breath because of my blood pressure or because I exercised just a touch too hard? I miss not having to worry about all that stuff and just 'living my life'. Normally I'm a very upbeat person but sometimes thinking that I'll have this for the rest of my life is overwhelming. I had to vent and I appreciate the forum.

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Nick1962 2013-06-29 08:55:15 -0500 Report

First, welcome to the group!
I've been where you are (just about all of us here have), traveled that road, got the t-shirt.
Eventually it becomes part of your life routine and is no more of a hassle than puting in contacts each morning. Unless of course, like you say, you overthink things. The nice thing with being T2 (if there is such a thing) is that you have some wiggle room. You're not going to die or have a foot fall off over a few extra carbs every now and then. In fact, the way you were previously "living your life" was probably doing more damage than you know, and by becoming more aware of your body's needs and limits, your new way of living life will be so much more enhanced. Just my experience anyway.