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stress is one thing I think is as hard too control as our sugars from the government state and federal too some doctor that are afraid too label you because the federal government sends you a letter saying even if your doctor say your unable too work your not unable too work by there strand ,,,so when you look for a job and they don't hire you how wood you know if it was from your condition example say you have 6 yearas as a cashier you aply too 3 different places too be one but none of them call you for the job why not you look the help wanted signs are still up or at one place you and you family go a lot theres no news people working so where this new job you already sent 400.00 in gas lookin for this job wheres it at

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this is new too me!!started with a cold …now hand are big knuckles black and blue 1st one and 3rd one are colored…bellies big vains from chest too beth line like a weight lifters arms … pain in gut !!feel like beathing water unless setting up week feeling feet look like golfclub wooden ones !! legs big tooo