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Hi, I'm new to this site and was diagnosed with type 2 about 2 months ago! My A1c was off the charts at 12 and blood sugar 448! I was put on Metformin, 2-500mg w/breakfast and 2-500mg w/dinner , low carb diet, exercise and checking sugars twice a day 2 hours after meals. I have an appt with Doc again, early July to check A1c! My sugar numbers now are mostly in the low 100s to 140s, I'm down almost 20lbs but I'm waiting to start feeling better! I must say, I have a TON more weight to lose and exercise hasn't come easy, actually, not at all! You see, I'm dealing with something else, unknown as of yet. It's affecting my stomach and bowels. So with never feeling well, even walking is a challenge. I have a colonoscopy coming up July 19th! I guess my question is twofold, when a person has stomach and intestinal pain, much of the time, how or what should I be eating? I kind of gave up on raw veggies, figuring they might be too harsh on my colon, other than that? The other part of the question is, are there any suggestions on exercise or should I wait it out until I have this issue fixed? Any help would be appreciated. I'm pretty much in a holding pattern right now, where my other medical thing is concerned. It's tough when you need to be eating because of the diabetes but don't feel much like it because of something else! Thanks for listening and by the way, I love this site! ❤ \U+128522

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Madmankm 2013-06-30 07:54:22 -0500 Report

metformin is the issue, I had to get off of it since it felt like it was slicing my stomach open with diarrhea and blood in the urine and a really heavy sinus blockage, my reading are at 348 to 450 . I have Diverticulitis and CHF with an ICD. They have prescribed a insulin pen but at 300.00 a scrip I cannot afford that at all. So ask your doc about metformin issues.

Pookiebare 2013-06-30 18:56:57 -0500 Report

I see my doctor on Friday, I will talk to her again about this issue. Perhaps I'm on too high a dose, 2,000mg a day? Does that seem excessive? I will have my colonoscopy as scheduled on July 19th, just to be safe. I'm pretty sure thats what my doc will recommend on Friday. Thank you for sharing your experience on Metformin. I appreciate any and all suggestions and support! Vicki :-) ❤

Madmankm 2013-07-01 06:31:11 -0500 Report

I had the colonoscopy since I have Diverticulitis just to make sure , 2000 mg a day is normal thats what I was on but the blood in the urine was not to be over looked and I am off it now.

purpleiris 2013-06-29 06:11:16 -0500 Report

Metformin can cause all sorts of stomach and bowel discomfort, however in time it will go away. I had the same issues for about 3 months when I first went on it. Ask your Dr. what he thinks. Good luck.

Pookiebare 2013-06-29 11:17:35 -0500 Report

Hi, thank you for responding! I actually did ask her about that, she said the side effects should have gone away by now. I didn't have these issues until the past month, so I don't think I'm dealing with metformin issues. Once I have a colonoscopy, I'll know what I'm dealing with and can move forward from there! Thank you again…Vicki :-)

Nick1962 2013-06-27 10:03:44 -0500 Report

Hey Pookiebare, welcome to the group! Sounds like you’re in the same shape I was in when I was diagnosed. Not to fear though, you can rise out of it and feel good again. I was diagnosed 7 years ago with numbers just slightly lower than yours, but now I’m over 100 lbs. lighter, off meds, and in good enough control that I’m technically no longer being “treated’ for diabetes. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been.

Stomach and intestinal pain was a daily thing for me, and the cause was primarily my diet. Much of the foods we eat have some inflammatory properties, and with blood sugars (BG’s) that high, food rarely gets processed the way it should. In addition, those inflammatory foods cause major amounts of joint pain, and like you, walking for me was a chore. Once I got into my new eating habit, almost all of the stomach, intestinal, and joint pains went away. It wasn’t overnight though.

Ultimately, do what your doctor tells you, but if he/she finds no medical issues and you have no restrictions, I’d say now’s a good time to start putting in the initial tough work of getting you feeling better. Get out and walk daily, as much as you can handle, with a goal of slightly increasing that time when you can. Just walking has a great benefit on the digestive system, and from that alone you should see major improvements. Also, don’t swear off the veggies – they’re loaded with fiber – another necessity for good digestive health.

I won’t lie, it’ll be tough at first, but you’ve already got a 20lb. head start (congrats on that), and in a few weeks you’ll fall into a certain rhythm where you’ll start to feel better, which will make you want to do more, which will make you feel even better, and it’ll snowball from there. I know you can do it!

Pookiebare 2013-06-27 13:52:06 -0500 Report

Hi Nick, thank you for responding! You are right, your situation in the beginning, is quite similar to mine. I too, am told by my doctor, that if I follow my plan, take my meds, and lose weight, I can reach the same goal as you! I can actually get rid of the diabetic diagnosis! Also, six years ago I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I'm not sure if this is what is plaguing me right now or if something else is causing my pain and intestinal/bowel issues. This is yet to be determined. Oh and about the veggies, I haven't given up on them, I just cook them instead of eating them raw for now, except in salads! I was eating a lot of raw carrots, love them! I also love all veggies cooked, so no problem! Thank you for your encouragement on walking. Back in 2007, I walked an hour a day with my dog, sometimes longer. I had lost a lot of weight back then, I won't get into the reasons why, it wasn't just from walking, but I know how good it can make you feel. My sweet dog passed away from cancer March 2008 and my world sorta stopped! If you are a dog owner, you might understand. Anyway, thank you for listening and I know it takes that first step! That one is the hardest, I think I need lots of prayer, I rarely ask for that for myself…Vicki

Nick1962 2013-06-27 18:59:57 -0500 Report

I’m sure diverticulosis is probably a good part of your troubles. Good thing is a reasonably good diet higher in fiber can keep that issue to a minimum. Things like carrots can be higher in sugar and carbs (also have a higher glycemic load and inflammation factor) than other veggies like celery. Love carrots myself, but found celery sticks and peanut butter worked better for me.
Yup, I’m a past dog owner, and know how hard it is to try to leave the house without your “companion” after going so many years with the nightly walk routine. Maybe you have a neighbor whose dog needs a good walk?
You’re on the right track, and in the right frame of mind, so I’ll say a prayer or two, but I doubt you’ll need them.

Pookiebare 2013-06-27 20:18:37 -0500 Report

Thank you for the kind thoughts and words! I will keep the celery and pb in mind for sure! I appreciate the info on the carrots, especially the inflammatory factor. About the dog, I actually have another! My first was a golden retriever, her name was Angel! My second is also a golden retriever, she's my Bella! I have a pretty big back yard so she runs back there a lot but I'm doing her a big disservice by not walking her like I should. :( Bella and I will walk together, just like Angel and I did! I'm tearing up, is this normal? Hmm, I'll be fine :-) Vicki

snuggles11 2013-06-27 00:57:59 -0500 Report

Take one day at a time one step at a time
Every day increase a little!
Watch your Carbs !
I was diagnosed two months ago also a type
Two !
I talked to my doctor about taking classes and getting with the nutritionist
My local hospital had provided that for me!
Welcome to our site !

Pookiebare 2013-06-27 13:29:33 -0500 Report

Thank you for your encouragement, Tammy! I do see a dietician every 5-6 weeks and I'm finding that eating a low carb, low fat, low cal, diet isn't at all a problem! As a matter of fact, like I told my dietician, I'm not craving sweets any more! She was actually able to explain why that happens, my memory stinks or I would share! \U+128513 Thank you for the warm welcome!

Pookiebare 2013-06-27 13:29:15 -0500 Report

Thank you for your encouragement, Tammy! I do see a dietician every 5-6 weeks and I'm finding that eating a low carb, low fat, low cal, diet isn't at all a problem! As a matter of fact, like I told my dietician, I'm not craving sweets any more! She was actually able to explain why that happens, my memory stinks or I would share! \U+128513 Thank you for the warm welcome!