should I get an insulin pump...

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well my fasting glucose is 202 and c peptide test is 2.1. So medicare has denied my insulin pump. I currently take 40 units of lantus 2 times a day metformin 1000mg 2 times a day and amaryl 4mgs 2 times a day.I don't think I am ready for the pump anyways,but my endo says its the best thing for me to do. I don't mind injections 2 times a day,but my BS is all over the place.I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks :)

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dippy_diabetic 2013-08-13 09:01:15 -0500 Report

I have had a Medtronic MiniMed pump for 3 years and it has changed my like so much for the better, before having my pump I was in hospital every couple of months because I'm such a busy person so I never had time to take an injection but having a pump makes that so much easier because it takes just 30 seconds to press a few button and the pump does everything els for you, also you only change the cannula once every 3 days which a lot better then multiple injections a day but it's not for everyone as if you do a lot of physical or water sports you will have to take off your pump for a considerable amount of time which the guide lines say not to keep it off for more than an hour at a time. It also requires more blood glucose testing so if that is something you don't enjoy I wouldn't recommend a pump. Also if something goes wrong with your pump you become a lot more ill a lot quicker. I hope this helps you make a decision

BroadwayGirl 2013-07-09 20:15:20 -0500 Report

I have one and it made my life SO much easier! It gives you insulin throughout the day, which makes your fasting blood sugars much better. It is also makes making adjustments with your dosage so much easier!

ShellyLargent 2013-06-26 17:36:43 -0500 Report

Don't let Medicare have the final say… Do some research and decide which pump would fit better for you. Get your doctor's approval on that pump, then contact the pump manufacturer and have them give you or put you in contact with a local (to you) representative from their company. Their job is to find anyway possible to get you a pump, using your current medical insurance. I got my first pump about 8 years ago through Animas. My insurance wanted to deny me at first also, but working with the Animas team, they were able to finally get me one. Last year I switched to an Omni Pod system and I was having trouble getting my current insurance to work with me because their policy is to only allow pumps for Type 1 diabetics (I'm technically a Type 2). Again, Insulet, the makers of the Omni Pod, worked their magic and I was given a new pump. I did have to cover my co-pay and I have a small co-pay for my supplies, but not much more than I was paying for injectable supplies.

sparrow29 2013-06-26 10:44:27 -0500 Report

I got the pump almost two yrs ago and i was all over the place like your number are and I straightened them up fairly quickly with the pump .I absolutely love the pump and it makes my life alot easier and helps me keep tighter control and with it I've lost 10 lbs and feel alot better!! My Insu paid alot but I did have to pay $500 out if pocket and pay some out of pocket for supplies but I'm able to care for my kids better and alot happier!!! Goodluck!!!

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