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No. Not a BS reading. But how old my husband's grandmother is. We went to her party this weekend. This time last year, she was sharp as a tack. Remembered names and dates. We went for a drive through several little surrounding towns, and she would point out where they had lived and which of her children had been born there and the year. We went to garage sales, and she would push her walker up and down ditches and all over the yards. Being in a small town where she had lived all her life meant she knew almost everyone. It was a real wonderful thiing. This year her memory is failing a little, and her health alot. She had alot of people, family and friends at her party. I tell all this, because it is so rare for someone to live that long. Especially since she ate mostly fried, salted, fatty foods all her life. Well, have a good day all.

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