I have Type 2 Diabetes.....And no, I was not overweight!

By Beth0826 Latest Reply 2013-07-09 20:19:08 -0500
Started 2013-06-20 18:40:07 -0500

I get rather annoyed when I let people know that I have diabetes. They look at me like I have two heads! I have never been overweight. People do not understand that it is also inherited. Both of my parents had it [Type 2] and out of 8 children, 4 of us have diabetes.
Thanks for letting me sound off!

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BroadwayGirl 2013-07-09 20:19:08 -0500 Report

I posted on a forum my fears of passing my diabetes on to my children, and it really got under my skin when someone commented "diabetes isn't hereditary." So I totally understand what you mean!

tabby9146 2013-06-23 21:52:04 -0500 Report

I know what you mean, I was 35 lbs overweight only and I was diagnosed with it, lost it all, and people are shocked I don't go around talking about it much but when it has come up, anyway, I learned that in my case it has to be mostly genetic, my birth father has it and both of his parents had it. But I was adopted as a baby so I did not know this and when I found him, we talked a lot, off and on for a year or so, and then we did not contact each other again, then years went by and by the time I found out he had it, (thanks to his daughter) I began exercising and trying even harder with my weight, but he could have at least called me, he had my number, and told me when he was diagnosed, but no,he did not thnk of that. He was diagnosed a good while before his daughter , the one that told me, even found out butI know what you mean vent anytime.

Charlieb63 2013-06-21 11:20:46 -0500 Report

I have Type2 as well. I am 6'4"and weigh 215lbs, by no means overweight. I tell people all the time I am type 2 and am more surprised how many people say "me too". People are shocked when I tell them I have it. Reactions from others does not bother me in any way shape or form. It is what is is. I am responsible for my own health. I do find most people are good about my diabetes and respect my new eating habits and lifestyle. Has been good for me. Stay the course. Don't let others reactions bother you. If they don't have it … They don't get it. :)

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-06-20 22:51:30 -0500 Report

Hi Beth,

Nice to meet you! Those looks you receive are an example of the stereoypes that people have around Type II diabetes. And It seems to me that one reason for this stereotype is the assumption that "if I keep my weight under control it won't happen to me." Along with placing blame.

As locarb said, plain old insensitivy.

Is it worth educating them? Maybe, maybe not. While some people might benefit from education, others may prefer to stay in denial.

Sound off anytime you feel like it. Glad you are here.


locarb 2013-06-20 22:37:22 -0500 Report

Unfortunately, there's no avoiding the insensitivity that's out there. In the mental health profession, they address the stigma associated with people with mental health issues. The same stigma even discourages some people from seeking treatment. There's immense misinformation regarding diabetes. One would hope that with the diagnosis epidemic of especially Type 2 that meaningful information would be imparted. The safer bet is to just accept that you'll be exposed to opinions and advice from the least informed. I have considered being more vocal about my health condition because I have been "controlled" without medication for almost three years. I exercise a lot and monitor my diet. Most people just think that I have healthy eating habits (which I do) unaware of its origin.

You have every right to vent. I suspect we're all exposed to that mindset at various times.

jigsaw 2013-06-20 19:18:32 -0500 Report

Well, your not alone! I was never really more then about 5 lbs overweight. I was reasonably active most of my life, and in the past, my diet was not to bad. My grandmother and her sister both had diabetes. It apparently runs in my family also. It's been 20 years since I was diagnosed and I'm doing well. The main difference since I was diagnosed is I have become much more informed over the years. My diet is leaps and bounds better now then in the past. I have exercised more since my diagnoses. Actually, my entire lifestyle has improved as a result.