You. Your partner. Communication breakdowns. And not heading for the exit.

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Living with a chronic condition introduces challenges that can leave couples feeling pretty frustrated. Household responsibilities. Financial concerns. Comfortable routines that suddenly get turned upside down. And when things build up, all that frustration can get directed away from solving the problem and toward each other.

How do you know this is happening? When you or your partner says – or thinks – something like:

“I’ve given up. He won’t listen.”

“I can’t do anything right, so I am not going to try anymore.”

“I’m ready to walk.”

What’s going on at your house? During those times when you and your partner both feel backed into the corner, what option do you have? Walk away? Really?

Sure, in a moment of anger you might think or say something you don’t really mean. And your partner might as well. But whether or not you might actually leave, these words are being said as a result of feeling helpless and giving up on finding a common ground. And all communication stops.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a link to an article with some ideas for you to consider if that “ready to walk” feeling hits you:

I’m really interested in knowing how you handle those times when the communication breaks down. How do you get the communication back on track? Or, how do you keep the communication on track and avoid the breakdowns? Any ideas to share? Need some support?

As always, looking forward to hearing from you!

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