Proven, Researched Diet and Type 2 Diabetes

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Hot off the press from Europe! In case anyone wants to look up the research or
give it to the doctor, I am including the reference information but just a
summary of what happened.

Nutr Diabetes. 2013 Jun 17;3:e75. doi: 10.1038/nutd.2013.12.

Vegetarian diet-induced increase in linoleic acid in serum phospholipids is
associated with improved insulin sensitivity in subjects with type 2 diabetes.

Kahleova H, Matoulek M, Bratova M, Malinska H, Kazdova L, Hill M, Pelikanova T.

Diabetes Centre, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech

Summary of what happened: People with Type 2 diabetes were put on a vegetarian
diet for 12 weeks followed by 12 more with added exercise.

RESULTS: There was significant improvement in insulin sensitivity!


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