The Seesaw Effect of Motivating Yourself To Stay On Top of Your Own Care

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Dear Diabetic Connect Community,

Greetings to all and I'm hoping your journeys with Diabetes is going well with you. I'm also hoping the fathers who will be reading this discussion, had a great Father's Day celebration with their families yesterday. All my kids and grand-kids were with me and they all cooked up a beautiful feast for me.

All positive comments and "come-back" successful stories are most welcome.

Here's the point I want to discuss:
I've been in a 6-month slump about caring for myself with my Diabetes Type 2 condition. I'm a "list- kind-of-person." I function strongly on writing lists of things I need to do to get things done in my life. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, two years ago, I got on this disciplined course of taking care of my Diabetes business vigorously. By writing all kinds of lists, I stayed on top of my Diabetes care for 1. 5 years. Cut back on sodas, bread, rice, pasta, took my meds, exercised, stayed active, watched what I ate, watched the portions I ate, and lost a lot of weight. Shirts fit bigger. Pants were falling off. Made multiple holes in my favorite belt to accomodate for the weight and inches I lost. In my doctor visits, the office was amazed at all my success and discipline. Sounds like a successful story? Well it was in the beginning.

I have to admit that after such a brilliant successful start, I looked around my entire Diabetes community and environment, and felt like I could fly and maybe just ease up a little on my "attack mode." Needless to say, I have been on a downward spiral funk of caring for myself. I'm trying to catch that fever again and begin a modified effort to regain most of what I lost.

My question to you all is the following: How have you been able to successfully come back to staying on top of your Diabetes care from a downward spiral like I'm in? How have you been able to stop the seesaw effect of trying to stay motivated to continue taking care and keeping your Diabetes in check? How have you come back to success?

I hope to hear from you.


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Hops 2013-06-19 08:08:02 -0500 Report

To answer your question I successfully return to managing my diabetes because I want to make the most from the fact that diabetes is manageable. The common expression in the '60s was control your diabetes so your diabetes does not control you. Diabetes will never give you a vacation. I met with a nutritionist specializing in Type 1 diabetes. I told her about the sweet stuff I enjoyed right after my doctor told me I was doing great with a low A1C, healthy BP, and LDL below 100. I felt like treating myself. But then my next BG test was up in the 200 range. Not as healthy as I have been working to be. We chose the things I snack on and my love for walking and communing with people as my healthiest ways of celebrating. As my mother always told me "moderation in all things." Go ahead, have a small cappuccino, enjoy two dozen walnuts, or almonds, sip on a tall glass of fresh cold water. Enjoy your ability to heal.

Chezbo 2013-06-19 15:00:39 -0500 Report

Dear Hops,
Thanks for your insightful words of encouragement. I love the idea of "Enjoying my ability to heal." I really like that. For starters, let me just say this is the first time I befriend anyone online or communicate via cyberspace about my MMA match with Diabetes Type 2. My experience on Diabetic Connect has so far been an outstanding experience! I've heard from some people in my situation to hearing other ideas that might help me. Therefore, if you're reading this reply on this discussion, and have replied to my discussion, thank you all so much for investing in my journey towards healing. I have enjoyed ideas such as taking small steps, Diabetes doesn't take vacations; neither should we, making my journey with Diabetes as a competition such as who is going to win? Me or Diabetes? And moderation in all things. I am grateful for the kind words you have all lavished me with. Gracias, Chezbo

JSJB 2013-06-19 02:50:09 -0500 Report

I know how you feel. When first diagnosed I lost 40 lbs watched what I ate and like you stayed on top of this condition. Then when the numbers started going down and when I saw improvement I started to get lazy and you know it started putting on weight and watched the BG,s go up. This condition will never go away. You will always have to be on top of it.

Tender Tips
Tender Tips 2013-06-18 18:08:33 -0500 Report

What helps me (as I have certainly been where you are) is to just start turning one thing around at a time. If I berate myself, pity myself, or try a drastic turn-around, it just doesn't work. I may start by stopping any snacking after dinner, drinking 8 cups of water daily or taking a walk every day. Making a small change usually guarantees that I am successful. Then I am motivated to make more healthy changes. Good luck to you!