Missing a Meal and Insulin

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Hi Group,

I am type 2. I missed my regular lunch time today at 1pm. By the time i took my 35 units of Humalog it was 2:30pm and then i ate.

I hope i did this ok.

What do you do when you miss a meal and need to take your shot?

Thanks, Denise

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Type1Lou 2013-06-16 15:11:42 -0500 Report

You were wise to wait until you ate to take your meal-time insulin. (I'm assuming that you are taking an insulin shot prior to each meal?) When you are on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) or using a pump, it gives greater flexibility in scheduling meals and does not tie you to the clock. I've found that I can even skip a meal. Prior to pumping or going on MDI of Lantus (Long-acting) and Novolog (rapid/meal-time) insulins, I had been taking 2 shots of NPH insulin per day. Under that regimen, I got in trouble if I didn't eat on time. Are you calculating your Humalog dosage based on the amount of carbs you are eating? Are you taking into account what your pre-meal blood sugar reading is in calculating your dosage?…if it's high or low, you may need to adjust your mealtime bolus. You may wish to bring these issues up with your doctor.

denipink 2013-06-16 15:43:13 -0500 Report

Hi Lou, i have been on this regime for just about a month. The Endicronologist put me on my insulins. I take both Humalog and Lantus.

I have not been taught to do anything but take the exact amount of insuln i have been put on, according to the chart my Endo gave me. I take 75 Lantus and 35 Humalog at breakfast. 35 Humalog at lunch and 70 Humalog for dinner. Then, 70 Lantus for before bed. When people see this they often say "how are you alive with so much insulin?" Well, that is how much i am told to take so that is what i take. I now how to adjust my dosage if i test high or low. I just learned that, thanks.

I see the dietician this week. I don't know how to count carbs or any such thing. I eat a Vegan diet (no meat, fish, dairy) and my challenge is to make sure i am eating enough. I think i have been doing pretty good, though, considering. I am sure i will learn more about carbs at my meeting this week.

Well, thank you kindly for responding. Hope you have a lovely day/evening. We are out to the restaurant to celebrate birthdays and father's day. I am bringing my meter and insulin, for sure!


Type1Lou 2013-06-17 08:56:20 -0500 Report

Dear Denise, We all vary greatly on insulin sensitivity. I for one am particularly sensitive to insulin while you appear to be quite resistant to it which is why you are on the higher dosages…no one of us is the same. A great book which explains a lot of the factors we diabetics need to deal with is Gary Scheiner's "Think Like a Pancreas" (Since our pancreases aren't working the way they should, we need to "think" for them by learning why our bodies are reacting as they are and by taking the steps needed to get it back as close to normal as we can.) You're new to this and there is a lot to learn but I can see that you are totally committed to facing the challenge. You go girl! I'm confident that you'll master this. Wishing you well!

denipink 2013-06-17 09:17:48 -0500 Report

Hi Lou, you are so encouraging! I wish i could take you off this comp and bring you home with me. I have a dear mother that is very supportive. Her own mother died a D and was so sick all the time. She had a heart attack, lost her leg to the knee and went blind from D and died very sick. It was awful. So, my mom is always wanting to help me any way she can. I am very blessed to have a mother like that! All the same, she does not know a lot about D today and i am trying to teach her a bit so she can understand what i go through.

I find this site so good and helpful. I just love it here! I am on other D groups and they are nothing like this group.

Thanks so much for posting to my thread :) Denise

Type1Lou 2013-06-17 12:54:22 -0500 Report

So glad I could help Denise! When I was eating my lunch today, I thought "This is something that would fit into Denise's diet."
Although I'm not a vegetarian, for lunch most days I have an apple that I've cored and sliced into 12 pieces slathered with about 4 tablespoons of all-natural Peanut Butter (make sure to read the label to verify that it's only ingredients are peanuts and salt…some of the brand-name so-called "Natural" PB's have added sugar and other stuff!) Depending on the size of the apple, it usually runs between 40 and 47 grams of carb. (I was given a scale that, when you input the food code it not only weighs the item but tells you how many grams of carb are in it…great for the apples that can vary greatly in size/weight!

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