Glucose Target confusion

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post. I am fairly new to, not quiet 2 years diagnoised - Type 2. I am from Canada so some of my terminologies might be different. I could use some help…

There seems to be some confusion as to the directions I have received from doctors. First I was going to a walk in clinic since I was not able to get a family doctor in our area. Here I would see a different doctor most of the time as you could not book appointments. However at the clinic I was getting consistent direction such as:

Glucose Targets:
Prior to your meal to be between 4-7
2 hrs after your meal to be between 5-10 (but not more than 3 over my pre-mail reading)
A1C target of less than 7

I recently was blessed to find a doctor but he now tells me that my before and after meal readings should be the same. So there should be no expectation of increased blood sugar 2 hrs after I eat.

This has been very stressful to me as I was just managing to meet the original expectation and now I am given what seems to be an unrealistic goal.

My A1C was at 7.1 on my last test and he said this was 'alarmingly high" which to me seemed a bit overboard. I know my goal is to get it down more but …alarming?

He wants to add Januvia to my Metformin to help me bring it down more. But I think I have seen some nasty stuff about this drug.

What are your thoughts please?

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