Isohumulone also known as isohumol and commercial known as Diabetes Defense

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Does anyone know or about this supplement isohumulone? or have any experience with it/

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Weinerchick 2013-09-10 12:23:29 -0500 Report

I have been using Diabetes Defense for a little over a year now. While not officially pre-diabetic, I wasn't happy with my fasting glucose readings - between 101 and 110. They now consistantly run around 85.

My husband is Type II and this product has help keep his readings from spiking so sharply, like lows in the 50's to over 200. He still has to take his meds, but not as much as before, and he generally stays under 150.

I'd say GOT FOR IT!

GeneJr1224 2013-09-10 12:31:37 -0500 Report

This is the best comment I have seen on this product. Does your husband take insulin,metformin,glipizide? What was your A1C score?

Weinerchick 2013-09-10 21:36:18 -0500 Report

I'd be fibbing if I told you I had any idea of my A1C. Since I really didn't have blood sugar problems per se, I don't think the doc orders it on my routine blood work. I have the printout of the results from the last one in June and the only thing it reflects was that my fasting sugar was 83mg/dL. I have other issues that the docs focus on - like rheumatoid arthritis (gangs of fun there!) and a thyroid that gave up the ghost years ago. The stuff I have to take for RA is seriously evil, so there are other numbers they are more concerned with, especially liver stuff.

My sweetie isn't at a point where he need to do the insulin thing, altho he does take metformin, actose, and prandin. He has a sister with juvenile diabetes; she's been on insulin via a pump most of her life and has all kinds of diabetes-related issues. He also has a brother who is now on insulin, altho that started as an adult. Hubby's diabetes didn't manifest until he was about 55 or so, and it appears to be under control without insulin. Keeping fingers crossed on that one! But I do honestly believe his taking the Diabetes Defense has helped him keep his numbers in a manageable, if not ideal, range.

GeneJr1224 2013-09-10 21:54:15 -0500 Report

Well I have to say I am glad you don't have diabetes with your RA. Diabetes makes everything worse. So kudos to your husband keeping his diabetes under control. I think diabetes defense is an excellent product.I wish you the best with your RA. Diabetes II is all about food, exercise, and weight control. You do those three things well and take what a doctor prescribes and you should be alright. Obviously your husband is doing it. I don't know anything about RA but it sounds overwhelming so I wish you the best again

IronOre 2013-06-14 17:20:51 -0500 Report

ok, so we have two guys in here, who know each other, selling "snake oil"

GeneJr1224 2013-06-14 22:41:44 -0500 Report

IronOre, obviously you cannot discern the difference between a question and a statement. Your statement,"ok, so we have two guys in here, who know each other, selling "snake oil." I don't know anybody in this site. I have let people become "friends" through the site as a function of the site for learning and discussion. I simply asked a question. I did not make a statement. For accuracy, you should change your IronOre name to Potmetal until you can discern the difference between a question and a statement.

hairbear68 2013-06-14 16:44:36 -0500 Report

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