Allergic to the DEXCOM!!!

By JessTheMess Latest Reply 2013-06-13 02:40:17 -0500
Started 2013-06-12 21:01:43 -0500

Does anyone have a dexcom and if so do you have problems with the sensor irritating your skin? I try to keep it in for as long as I can with out wanting to rip it out because I can't sleep at night or get comfortable, but it starts to itch and swells up and it's just so irritating!!!! Iv tried every thing I can think of and nothing seems to work !! It's like I'm allergic to the metal like tip. The sensor I had just now lasted 3 days and I have a huge red welp and it still hurts!! I want to SCEAM!!!

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Clare R
Clare R 2013-06-13 02:40:17 -0500 Report

Sounds like you're allergic to the adhesive. You should call Dexcom customer service and find out if they have other options for you.

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