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o boi scared AF after 11 yrs of hidden depression im finally going 2 c a therapist on the 18th time to get diagnosed as a freak and locked up like a cage animal and treated like I just killed/raped someone I doubt therepy is gonna work but its worth a try reason y so many deprerssed ppl in the world don't seek help for depression cause they know it wont work its like ppl telling me my endo can help me bull fuckin shit my endo can help me only way to possibley help sum 1 with diabetes in my opinipn is the other person chercks there blood and gives them there insulin that's helping not a endo repeating thereselfs every time saying don't eat this or that

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Smokebaby 2013-06-12 07:02:54 -0500 Report

Aw rayray,
I have to disagree with you about therapy not helping. I know people and have struggled with it myself. I am med free ( for depression anyway) and depression free now. For some it only takes someone to talk to and for others it takes more then that, meds therapy. I'm no doctor but for me it was a great help.
As far as your diabetes, I have found this site and a local group has worked well for me. When I was first told I had diabetes I could feel depression trying to take over, for me I leaned on my family to help me make a plan of attack so to speak and sought out others in the same boat.
I don't believe your a freak and going to get locked up. I'm not judging you but sounds like you need a friend. And just so you know I always have room in my life for another friend. Feel free to inbox me if ya ever need or want to.
Have the most wonderful day. :)