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Jesse's derby
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I took a reading tonite on one meter and it was 400+!!! Horrors! Took it on another meter and it was 254. Still not good. But what is this about? New meter is the very lowest price at Walmart. Strips are cheap. Old meter, given to me at dr's office. A few strips left. I simply cannot afford the cost of all this stuff. And I am so upset at the unreliability of all the readings. I can go from one drs office to another…in the space of an hour or so…and everything changes…from blood pressure to weight to blood sugar …are we to trust any of these machines???

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Clare R
Clare R 2013-06-13 03:00:55 -0500 Report

When you get a reading that seems off, you should test your meter with the control solution that comes with the meter. Also, are you washing your hands before every test? There are many things we come in contact with that can affect your results, like foods and even lotions/creams.

jigsaw 2013-06-11 06:13:31 -0500 Report

Meters have an error margin of +/- 20%. They are simply used as a guide and to help moniter your blood glucose results. It is common and typical to see variations in readings to some extent. The readings that you are mentioning appear to be very extreme, and unacceptable. If you took your readings within minutes of one another, then I would suspect a defective meter is the culprit. If you took you're readings an hour or more apart, then I would look into you're diet, or possibly medications, or both.

Jesse's derby
Jesse's derby 2013-06-11 09:20:25 -0500 Report

Thank you. I am off to a dr appointment now. Readings were taken minutes apart. Something is not right!

NaoV1 2013-06-12 23:36:11 -0500 Report

I'd say make sure you are not using any expired strips. Those do exist I hate to say. Plus always make sure the spot you check is clean prior to checking with alcohol. Lastly, make sure the ole stress level is OK . . you never know! ;)

Jesse's derby
Jesse's derby 2013-06-13 01:39:10 -0500 Report

Thank you for your contribution. I did use expired strips on the second reading. ( Which I liked much better than the first reading. There is a little laughter here) However, everywhere sought advise said the old strips were still o.k…But I must ask what you meant by, " Make sure the spot you check is clean prior to checking with alcohol". And well, the stress levels are way, way, way out of control!!!!

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