Where to get Life insurance from?Having Diabetes

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Started 2008-12-12 10:35:37 -0600

Hello,can any one tell me where can I get some life insurance from.It is hard for a person with Diabetes to get it.

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Anonymous 2008-12-12 11:23:30 -0600 Report

Have you typed in your search engine "life insurance for diabetics" or see if the ADA has a link on their website. Are you old enough to be a member of AARP, they may have a link on thier website also. Hope some of that will help you out. I typed in my search engine and there were 224,000 listings. So you might found one that works for you. LOL

2008-12-12 11:07:06 -0600 Report

Good question, I'd like to know too. I have mine through work but wonder if I'd ever get any if I couldn't work anymore. My Mom has heart problems and she just got some life insurance some place, I'll ask her and see where it's from. I know they always ask if you have Diabetes on the applications even if you don't need a physical so I never fill them out because I figure they are going to deny it anyway. I can't get mortgage insurance on my house because I have Diabetes. Isn't that wonderful? NOT!!

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