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Some days it seems that all I can think about is my diabetes. At times all I do is watch the clock so I take my next reading in exactly 2hrs. My moods are a direct result of my readings. If its good and where I feel it should be I'm happy, if its high , lets say in the morning it puts me either in a bad mood or feeling very sad. People say don't let the numbers define you. What I want to know is how do you do that? I've been struggling with this since I was first diagnosed and that ws 7 years ago. You think I'd have it figured out by now.

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JessTheMess 2013-06-11 18:40:16 -0500 Report

Don't let diabetes take your joy away, you can go at this two ways you can't let it make you sick and stress and let it run your life or you can look at each day as a new day to make more improvements and learn more things on how to deal and manage your sugars don't let's it take any thing more from you then it has and don't be sad trust me when you think your the only one going through this, your not there is millions of ppl struggling and this site has opened my eye that I'm not alone and every one is going through something diff and maybe even the same things. But you can do this!!! I'm not going to lie my moods change to with my sugars but I try to fix and do the best I can :)

snuggles11 2013-06-07 22:59:36 -0500 Report

It sounds like your trying to do your best
That's all anyone can ask of you !
Everybody is different !
Don't let it run your life !

bbchen68 2013-06-08 00:42:03 -0500 Report

I know exactly how you feel, Maggielynne. I look around and I am like seriously??? This is a hard disease to manage. Do you have a friend to encourage you on a daily basis? My husband is really awesome with my sugars, super positive and helpful. Also, my doc told me that he has type 1 patients and type 2 who have experienced highs even while FASTING. It is unpredictable and capricious. Not always related to your efforts. The biggest thing for me is to not stay still for too long, that affects my sugars big time. Take care, and give yourself a par on the back for all that you have done!