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So, had some good news and bad news today. I had an appointment to see a nutritionist. I have been diabetic for SO long, that I have no idea what "portion control" is, or how much of anything I should be eating. As a child, I had a gram scale (bet not too many of you are old enough to know or remember what those are). We weighed most of my food, and I got so good at it, that I could tell by looking how much of something I should eat. As I got into my teen years, I became really rebellious about my diabetes, and ate all sorts of bad stuff. My lunch would often be 2 candy bars, and a can of Pepsi (and NOT Diet Pepsi). So the good news is, a nutritionist gave me a guide of foods, and about how much I should be eating, with about an 1800 calorie diet to follow and try to meal plan.

The bad news. Stress over a LOT of things has been taking it's toll on me. I can NOT get my blood sugars under control (especially in the last 2 weeks). It's always either scary high, or super low. So as I'm talking to the nutritionist, I start to feel funny, and tell her I need to test my blood sugar. It was 37. Just tested it a few minutes ago, and it was…well, I can't remember the exact number, but I think it was 257. So now they want me to monitor my blood sugars, exactly how much insulin I take (I still use a vial and needles, I'm old school), and record every single bit of food I put in my mouth, so they can try to get me under better control. This should be fun! Oh, plus I am extremely overweight, and started walking a few months ago. Even walking will make my blood sugar drop sometimes. It feels as though I can't get anything right, even though I'm honestly trying to do better!

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NaoV1 2013-06-06 01:05:44 -0500 Report

Muy importante, take your meds at the same time each day and eat at the same times each day as much as possible. For portion control, I use the smaller salad plates vs. bigger dinner plates and stick to the old skoo balanced meal trick (one meat, one dairy, one fruit, one veg, one wheat bread or pasta or rice). If you read the labels you will get it. If you are not sure of measuring, go for frozen fruit and veggies PLAIN, the labels will tell you what a serving is. Since your sugar is funky, I would eat 5x a day (me). Ex: Breakfast at 8am, 10am a few slices of cheese *serving snack, 12 PM lunch, 2pm half an orange or nana, 5pmish dinner, 7pmish yogurt, etc. that keeps your metabolism cranking plus you drink your water throughout . . . and for the stress, cardio or aerobics are awesome to release some of that anger with life (LOL). some punches, dances, you can find great workouts on youtube. walking is good too, but you will see a GREAT difference with the punches and stepping to the beat. Then tell yourself, why am I focusing on things I cannot change . . .I'ma focus on that which I can and BOOM see a difference! Work it goil! :)

BrendaMarie68 2013-06-03 17:07:11 -0500 Report

You are NOT alone. I have always known what portion control was, but until recently, I just ignored it. I STILL have days when i want to eat everything in sight (and I am sure EVERYONE does).It takes time and patience to get it all under control… and SUPPORT (that's what we are here for). So don't look at anything as bad news - just look at it as an opportunity to feel better. We can help each other if you want. Hang in there - it can only get better!

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