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Monday I am flying from New Orleans to Seattle and I am obviously taking all of my medications with me on my carry on, and that includes my novolog and my lantus..(both are pens). I do not want either to get warm so I am packing an ice pack with it, but has anyone ever asked a flight attendant to place it in the fridge for them?? I am wondering if this is even allowed? I don't want to ask and be ignored but if the will I want to see if it will be done…any suggestions?

Also I have a note from my doctor and my prescription slips from the pharmacy that I am taking with me…is this going to be sufficient? This is my first time flying since I was diagnosed and I am not going to miss that flight…LOL. I am a habitual planner…making lists in my sleep and all…I just want to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible…


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2008-12-14 02:44:53 +0530 Report

Would it be possible to call the airlines to see if it would be posssible for you to do this? It is my understanding that airlines like to know if someone who is flying has special medical needs and they try to accomadate them. At least the used to.

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2008-12-14 03:16:24 +0530 Report

I think that you should call the airline you will be flying on. There have been so many changes with all the terroris attacks as to what you can carry on. So
give them a call and they will more than be happy to accomadaste your needs.

Anonymous 2008-12-13 23:13:49 +0530 Report

It sounds like you have planned well for your trip. But I do not know about the fridge on the plane thing. I would assume you cannot do it. Because what if you forget it? But I may be wrong hopefully someone that flies more than me will answer you before Monday. Have a safe trip.

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