Secondary Diabetes

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A nurse practitioner came to my home last week. This is something they do once a year to check your blood pressure, health concerns, etc. We got to talking about diabetes. She asked if I was on medication and I said no. I told her that my diabetes had started a few years back when I'd been in the hospital for pneumonia and was taking steroids. She told me that I was not a diabetic but, like in gestational diabetes, I was a secondary diabetic, in affect a temporary one. This really surprised me as I'd not heard of this before. My blood sugars had really been seriously low on Metformin and I would tell my doctor but he was resistant to take me off it, so I think I stopped it myself. My blood sugars continued to be in normal range, very often high 70s to mid 80s.

I'm wondering how many people have this same condition and are still being pushed to use diabetes meds that they really don't need and can actually cause seriously low blood sugars. I was actually almost passing out and my doctor still wouldn't listen. I have lost a lot of weight since my illness too and that could also be a factor.

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Caroltoo 2013-06-04 02:02:41 -0500 Report

Saw an ophthalmologist recently for a swelling in one tear gland. Doc said he would like to give me a cortisone to clear up the inflammation as we had already done a CT scan to be sure this was not anything more serious. I said,"No thanks; cortisone can cause diabetes." He thought for a minute then said, "You are right. I'd forgotten that." I am on Ibuprofen instead.

joni55 2013-06-06 12:16:17 -0500 Report

It's interesting you said that because at the same time I was taking steroids, I think I was also getting shots for arthritis. So, I'm sure that probably also contributed to it. Thanks.

Jan8 2013-05-30 11:33:50 -0500 Report

she needs a consult with an endocrinologist. I went through the same thing. Prednisone is awful stuff but does clear up what wrong. I had a homecare nurse come to my house when I was sick and (on Mother's Day with all the little grandchildren on my bed and the nurse told me there is no such thing as a little diabetes . I flipped out. I had never been told this by my doc or anyone ! I checked with my doc and he told me I did not have diabetes. 2yrs later I had it.

GabbyPA 2013-05-29 12:34:28 -0500 Report

I find this amazing. I too wonder how many others have gone through something similar. My friend is on prednizone for a fungal infection and it really causes her trouble with her numbers. Her doctor told her not to fret the numbers because for now, the prednizone is what she needs.

bbchen68 2013-05-29 06:19:50 -0500 Report

Steroid use will absolutely cause a short term diabetic state. My step dad had the same problem and after a few months his sugars returned to normal. It can happen even if you get cortisone shots. All steroids mess with the pancreas in some way. The nurse was right! Perhaps see a different doc, get another opinion?

arsmithsr 2013-05-28 13:20:57 -0500 Report

This is actually well documented that some steroids such as prednisone can cause high blood sugar. And once you are off the steroids your blood sugar will return to normal. There are other steroids that will do the same thing. But Dr's can be lazy and arrogant and know more than you. You need to take responsibility for your health and get a second opinion. It could well be you are not in fact Diabetic. Metformin is not supposed to cause low blood sugar though. It is used for some other conditions than Diabetes. The Met may be partly responsible for the weight loss.

joni55 2013-06-03 23:56:07 -0500 Report

I also blame the lousy food, in part, for the high blood sugars. I was in this same hospital a few years ago and the low carb trays are a joke. Everything is breaded and they have either peas or corn for vegetables. The last time I was in this hospital I didn't eat much. Even so, I wound up getting a half a dose of insulin. I was mad.

Caroltoo 2013-05-27 18:48:22 -0500 Report

Interesting site and some good information. Thanks Joni! I see some of my favorites on there, but also a couple I've been interested in but not found much usable information about … such as the relationship between zinc insufficiency and diabetes.

tabby9146 2013-05-27 18:23:48 -0500 Report

I have never heard of secondary diabetes. I will look it up later, but I am wondering if this condition truly exists. What does exist, is like me, being diagnosed very early, and having good numbers, losing the weight and just not being on medication, and having A1Cs that are low in the pre-diabetic range, you can go into a remission, but you still have diabetes, so I am wondering if that is it.

alternative1 2013-05-27 14:51:19 -0500 Report

yes, if you have gestational diabetes…losing weight is a great idea…with nutrition and exercise and detoxing.

alternative1 2013-05-27 14:49:39 -0500 Report

if your sugar is between 70-85..that is dont need the meds..and dont let your doctor push you into it either.

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