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Hello everyone just wondering if anyone on here works out a lot? And is in shape/toned/defined? I have been eating healthy running,2 sets of ab workouts,Zumba,crossfit ect.(not all at once) and my dilemma is I've always had a flatter stomach but no muscles(I carry good muscle def on arms and legs) I've noticed improvement but not defined abs, because where I give all my levimir shots is like a pocket of skin,scar tissue , fat not sure what just wondering if anyone else has or has had this problem ? Thanks :) (Oh I've been t1 for over 3years now)

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old biker
old biker 2013-05-22 14:15:57 -0500 Report

Your abs is one of the hardest muscle groups to develop It will take a series of. different ab exercises to do this usually one done right after the other in sets of 3, Then only after you drop your total body fat down to 15% will you see the definition you are looking for..Good luck and don't give up