I'm back

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Hi everyone!

I am back and I have to say, boy do I miss you all! I'm living temporarily at a rooming house until I see if I get approved for the apartment I am applying to, and they do not have internet or WiFi so I can only get online if I got to the library or to one of my sons' house!

The past few weeks have been nonstop and all kinds of news to tell. But let's start with the good news first! I just got the results of my A1C - are you ready for this? 5.8!!!!!!!!! I was both surprised and THRILLED!!!!! Now I want to see if I can maintain it at this level!!!!! My PCP said to keep doing what I am doing - which is mostly watching my diet! I had lost about 25 lbs. But almost overnite I had gained about 15 of it back! My PCP was concerned about why I gained it back so rapidly and she ran some blood work. My cortisol level was off so she reran them, having me take dexamethisone at midnight the night before. The dex. was supposed to block the cortisol, but instead it doubled. So she is consulting an endocrinologist, with strong suspicions of Cushing Syndrome - no clue what that is or its ramifications???!!!. That's just what I need - another diagnosis to add to the list I already have!!!!

So, for a while, I may be in and out of this site depending uponwhen I have acessto WiFi.


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