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Hi new friends,

I hope you all are doing well. I just started on 2 new insulin's and this is the first day in months that my readings are all under 10 as they are supposed to be! I can't even tell you how happy i feel for this. I was sick all the time and today i feel back to my old self again. Just feel so very much better and what i really notice sitting at the computer is the shakes have gone :) What a relief!

I am trying really hard with my new diet. Lots of fruits and veggies and no more carbs thru the roof! I thought nothing of eating a huge submarine sandwich,lol. Can you imagine all those carbs at one meal? I must have been out of my mind! And i used to smoke a pack a day, every day and i believed i would die with a smoke in my hand. Today, i have the odd smoke but not on a regular basis. When my son goes out i sneak a smoke. I know - that bad habit has to go, too. A little at a time. Every day a new day with lots of new chances to be a better person.

I need help with my diet. I don't have much money to go buy a book like i wish i could. Is there a good Diabetes diet and meal plan online that you would recommend i could follow? I collect recipes online to make new and interesting meals for my adult son but i am not so sure how to follow a lower-carb diet such as we Diabetics need.

If you have any suggestions that would be great :)

Have a good night all, Denise in Ontario, Canada

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Type1Lou 2013-05-16 09:24:19 -0500 Report

The recipe section here is chock-full of great ideas…just always be mindful of the carbs and serving sizes. Have you checked your local public library for access to diabetes-friendly books? No-cost involved other than a trip to the library? Plus, borrowing the books allows you to see if you really like them before investing any money.

Here are some of the carb-cutting ploys that I've used. My non-diabetic husband loves his pasta. When I make him spaghetti, I put the sauce over pasta on his plate but, instead of pasta on my plate, I put the sauce over french-style green beans…I don't miss the pasta since most of the flavor is in the sauce (and cheese). For lasagna, I substitute the pasta with eggplant or spinach or par-boiled cabbage. The recipe section here has a pizza crust recipe made of cheese and shredded zucchini…so pizza need not be off limits. I, too, miss eating bread. I do buy the thin-sliced and allow myself one thin slice now and then. Have you tried lettuce wraps…wrapping your sandwich filling with lettuce leaves instead of bread?

I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better. By making the right decisions, we can enjoy a good quality of life.

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