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Hello new friends :)

This is a lovely site. I have been on many and this one is my favorite right now!

I am a type 2 Diabetic and i need to eat a snack around 9 pm to keep my blood sugar in check. I am not good at night time snacking and i am hoping you all might be able to give me some suggestions.

What do you eat for a snack late night?

I am rarely hungry at night. I sure don't want to start putting on weight, either.

I look forward to hearing back from you and thanks a bunch :)

Denise in Ontario, Canada

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Dot428 2013-05-18 06:20:02 -0500 Report

I have not been very good with the night time snack, but I have found that my body reacts best (maintaining BS level) with a cup of popcorn and a crunchy peanut butter sandwich).

jENNjENNtheRN 2013-05-16 22:51:27 -0500 Report

I will sometimes sometimes have a little hummus, a bit of cottage cheese, or even a tomato cut into pieces. Protein in the mix well help maintain the glucose and slow the drop so you don't "tank"suddenly later.

Chopstix 2013-05-16 22:32:13 -0500 Report

Remember, it does not have to be a lot or some thing sweet. A teaspoon of peanut butter does me wonders. Or you may like an ounce of cheese and a couple of crackers. I'm just saying…

Type1Lou 2013-05-16 09:39:53 -0500 Report

I do like sweet, crunchy things. I will have 24 "Emerald" brand Cocoa-roasted or Cinnamon-roasted Almonds. They are sweetened with Splenda and have 6 grams of carb…or sometimes just a spoonful of all natural (Smucker's) peanut butter. I'm nuts for nuts!

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