Off to the Dentist Today

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Started 2013-05-15 09:15:35 -0500

i have had a loose tooth and some kind of sore on my gum for months now. just now, finally, going to see about it. i don't enjoy going to the dentist and will do all the gymnastics i can to avoid going. in this case i am so scared of mouth Cancer. i used to be a long time smoker. gave up the pack a day habit but, shhhh! don't tell no one, i still sneak a smoke here and there. most i have had is 2 in one day, lol. mostly i have the odd one if my son goes out. i know, i know. it really is quite ridiculous.

anyway, i read that Diabetics lose there teeth more than non-Diabetics. we lose 10 teeth to a non-Diabetics 7 teeth. not such good news, huh?

now they are linking Psoriasis to Diabetes, but that is for another thread.

regardless, i am just going to do my darn best to be my darn best. going to eat my breakie now. rolled oats with cinnimon, yummers!

have a good day all. looking forward to reading all your posts :)

Denise in Ontario, Canada

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