still feeling rubbish 1year on...any advice pleeease

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Hi my hubby was diagnosed just over 1yr ago after 3yrs of feeling terrible and non conclusive tests.
He's been ever so good and his nurse was very pleased in the control he gained over it but thats all they seem bothered about..the stats.
He still feels so rubbish, tired is an understatement, sometimes i look at him and he looks like he's been partying all weekend! and when i ask how he feels, he just smiles and says "crap"
He's 52 and still overweight ( tho lost 3st ) has a very stressful job and works very long hours.
We have had no advice on diet, just cut out the sugar and told not to bother monitoring his BS, we've just done things that seemed obvious but i really need your help to make him feel better…What now? What next? any advice please, i'm overwhelmed at all the info on this site and just dont know where to start.
He really deserves better :)

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sNerTs1 2013-05-13 16:33:12 -0500 Report

First off, Hi ArianMagpie and welcome to the site. Secondly, breathe… seriously take a few deep breaths in and let them out slowly and just allow yourself to calm down.

Yes this site is filled with a lot of information, its what makes this site unique and a real "go to" place for just that. I hear your plead for help so I am going to tell you what I did when I found out and the steps I took. I am NOT a doctor, nor do I claim to know everything about diabetes, I dont know anyone who can, it is a forever changing disease that affects each person on an individual basis. I also do not claim to play a doctor on TV … hope you smiled at that one.

Ok Diabetes is complicated to say the least. There are different types of diabetes and I see that you listed Type 2 which is good that you know that. When you first find out that you are diabetic it is much like any disease, you go through a denial of sorts, then you take charge. You are at the "taking charge" point of the disease. Your husband has to be there as well, since he is the diabetic trying to get better.

From what it looks like to me, you are from outside of the United States. I am not sure what you have as far as medical help so we will start at the beginning. Your husband was diagnosed. I urge you to seek medical advice. It irritated me that they told you to not even worry about checking his sugars, which is one of the only ways we know how to control the disease, our medications and our food intake. If you can, seek another physician who is willing to work with you. These questions are important …

1. What are his BGs supposed to average … before meals, after meals and fasting as well as nighttime. What is the goal to get his to?
2. How many times per day is he to test? We all do it differently and most because of the types of medication they are on, especially if they are on Insulin.
3. Types of exercise he can do.
4. Can he see a nutritionist.
5. When should I call the doctor? Meaning how high is his reading to be before you call or take him in?
6. Carbohydrates are key to us diabetics as they convert to sugars in our bodies so its important to find out what the doctor wants him to be at as far as his intake per day or even per meal. We are ALL different in this too.

What I would do right now, starting today is keep a log of his food, what he eats and check his BGs 2 hours after each meal. Also check it once in the morning at rise and have all that information with you when you go in to see your doctor so he can look at it and see how your husband is doing and give you better information on how to control this disease for him.

DONT ever be afraid to search for information or another physician if you think that a physician isnt working with you to get your husband well. Your husband can live a great life is he can control the disease. He has to take charge of it now. I was given a book to read that explained a lot to me and helped me make it through some challenges that I alone faced. Its Dr. Berensteins Diabetic Solution. You might want to look at that.

The best way to control this disease is to BE INFORMED, educate yourself as you are the best advocate to your own health.

I wish you well and please let us know how he is doing. Please seek medical advice and get him in with his doctor. *Hugs* Cheryl

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-05-13 10:21:57 -0500 Report

Why haven't you talked to the doctor? Did you ask questions after being diagnosed? The nurse is only doing what she is suppose to be doing. The doctor is the one who should be answering the questions you asked. Diabetes isn't the same for everyone, it is not a one size fits all disease. Things that work for me may not work for your husband and what works for him may not work for anyone else.

Start with questions for the doctor. Write them down and take them with you. If he is having a problem losing weight, ask to be referred to a nutritionist who can help you plan healthy meals and snacks. Weight loss takes time. It requires determination and will power. You should also include exercise of some form to lose weight and tone muscles.

You HAVE to monitor blood sugar. This could be the problem to him feeling like crap he has no idea what his blood sugar levels are. If he is eating and not testing, his blood sugars could be high.

Diabetes requires being responsible for the disease. The only people you should be taking medical advice from is his doctor. He/she knows his health problems and can make necessary changes to help him.

If the two of you are stressed, him from working and you needing answers, you can't help each other. Two stressed out people cancel each other out. Take a step back and start over. Call the doctor an make an appointment. Take your questions with you. If you have to be demanding do so. Have someone show him how to test his blood sugar and keep a log. Get referred to a nutritionist and also find and attend a diabetes education class. Have him keep a food journal and learn to count carbs for each meal and snack. Also ask the doctor how many carbs per meal and snack he can consume. He will stop feeling like crap once he gets his blood sugars in control. Good luck to you.