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Debe Pendice
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Does anyone here have heart problems due to their diabetes?

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Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-12-10 16:18:00 -0600 Report

I to was told that I was diabetic type 2 as I was having a triple by-pass, so How do you Know which came first, I believe that they were both doing there thing att the same time

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-10 16:49:25 -0600 Report

That is what I am talking about. There are so many people out there that find out because of a new problem they have or surgery the need. That when they tell the patient do you know you have diabetes?
Maybe they could have had it the last 5 years, who knows they have never been check for it…Debe

jaclyncrystal 2008-12-10 16:57:35 -0600 Report

I was told about 10-15 yrs ago, i had borderline (haha) diabetes, just did diet and exercise, did that they you tend to get off track and bang just last month diet and ex. no longer enough, have to take pills. Back on track though eating healthy again and lots more exercise. I will survive this as I have everything else. Jackie (aka)the fighter.

Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-12-11 17:46:30 -0600 Report

Yes you are right, they did tell me that I probably had it for a couple years before, but they set up an appointment for me as soon as I was able to get out, and I was started with pills,,a lot of reading material, and follow up appointments Robert

Anonymous 2008-12-10 12:02:25 -0600 Report

I love all the great questions today. It really gets the conversations going on what we have, should have, or need to have checked. This is what a diabetic site should look like. Keep up the great questions.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-10 12:07:24 -0600 Report

Thank you. I am asking these questions to see if the diabetic know eactly what to do or what more they need to know when asking their MD questions. I as a diabetic(long time diabetic) never go to any visit without a list of questions. My Md know me well, and I teach him new things every visit. My visits make him work for his money. If he can't answer me I know he has to search or I'm not happy. I know I make his day when he sees me coming.(LOL)…Debe

Anonymous 2008-12-10 12:19:06 -0600 Report

You should teach a class for him. LOL

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-10 12:33:03 -0600 Report

We have a support group which I do help with. You would realized how many are told that they are diabetic by their family MD and thats as far as the discussion goes. It like there on their own, clueless. We want to try and educate the public so it isn't an illness. We want it to feel like it is a new life change. You could still go on and live with diabetes…Debe

Anonymous 2008-12-10 13:42:28 -0600 Report

Right. I wish you good luck in your classes. You seem to be pretty knowledgeable and I know you are helpful to them all.

jaclyncrystal 2008-12-10 14:14:47 -0600 Report

I developed all my heart problems before I was diagnosed with diabetes, two strokes, vale problems etc. so guess I do everything the opposite way around. jackie

2008-12-10 09:19:21 -0600 Report

Yes; Jim has heart problems, from chlorestal in arteries; had to have surgery. But my heart problems, and sugar problems plus all came from 30 of anorexia/nervosa. Good Start, Debe
luv:->)lil Claudia

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