Stress and Type 1 Diabetes is no joke

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I had an experience today, that I wish for no one to go through. I've been posting that my BG's have been outrageously high for the last 2 weeks, due to stress. Well, I woke up with a floater in my right eye. I immediately scheduled to get it checked, because I've never had an eye problem. Well the O.D. found blood hemorrhages in my right eye. Yes, it was due to high blood glucose. My Retina doctor told me, that I'm lucky that I immediately reacted to this. Well, after many x-rays to my eye, the doctor gave me a shot in my eyeball, and told me to get those BG down, or I'll be back again or maybe even surgery. No way I'm going through this again. So, I did some research, and exercise is the number one way to lower stress. Here are a couple of websites I found that may help.

I'm fine now, and started a new beach body workout, and re evaluating my meal plan. Yes, this is a huge motivation for me. I had to wake up, and it really gave me my reality check.
Take care all, and many blessings!

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-05-11 10:00:37 -0500 Report

Hi Gwen, I use to have a boss who would make the wicked witch look like an angel. This woman kept drama going amongst the staff and other people working at the hospital. I was a telephone operator and we had the emergency line for health related emergencies in the entire state. The liaison at the health department noticed we had all changed. A psychologist was sent in to talk to us. It was determined the problem was our boss and how the hospital administration treated us. Problems in the department between us and our boss were never resolved. Administration backed her up. To say we were miserable is putting it mildly.

The psychologist told us that we should not quit our jobs and told us that no job is worth the amount of stress we were under. She taught us how to handle the stress.

Gwen she is correct never stress over a job. Go to work, perform your duties to the best of your ability. If you make mistakes own up to them, ask questions and try not to argue. When it is time to go home, leave work at work.

When we had emergency calls which included chemical spills, wild animals, air pollution, etc… we had to find the duty person to give the information to. One night I spent my entire shift receiving emergency calls because they had to evacuate a town while also answering calls for the hospital. When I was leaving work, one of the doctors said let's go relax. We talked about everything I had gone through that night. By the time I went home, my stress level was greatly reduced.

If you fell your job is creating your stress, find another job if possible. If not, find a way to relax and make your work fun for you. I learned not to buy into other peoples problems at work. That has helped me a lot. I also don't own the business so their problems are not my problems.

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