Swollen legs because of work

By Jacqualynne Latest Reply 2013-11-10 00:40:03 -0600
Started 2013-05-10 18:29:49 -0500

My current career makes me stand on my feet all day and my legs are so swollen at the end of my work shift that I can hardly walk! I am trying to find another job that is more accommodating but it is so hard. I know i could get a doctors note to allow me to sit periodically but i feel discriminated against and look lazy. i want to be as normal as possible. I basically live paycheck to paycheck and the only reason I have been at my current job this long is because I need the medical insurance! It is the cost of being a diabetic that is so hard for me and if you are not at the point of death I feel like there is no help out there! Which all adds to my anxiety! I feel stuck and in limbo which is now causing depression! Somebody help!

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SamIAm098 2013-11-10 00:40:03 -0600 Report

I come home from work everyday with this same issue, I'm a waitress, so I'm on my feet for 7-8 hours daily ): I feel your pain..

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