Diabetes and Gluten intolerance

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Being in the natural health care business and knowing first hand what the complications of diabetes are, I'd like to take the time to discuss gluten intolerance, If you are a type two diabetic, I would suggest you seriously consider getting an allergy blood test to the 10 common foods that cause a reaction in our body namely inflamation. In many cases a gluten allergy can cause leaky gut syndrome, and along with that lead to diabetes. Check for gluten , wheat, dairy, corn , soy, eggs , peanuts, tree nuts, fish shellfish. In talking to homeopathic doctors, in the path many sight dairy intolerence is a given with diabetics and now gluten is becoming a number one major issue. With the(gmo) genetically engineering of our crops and especially wheat, it has become an increasing problem for many to digest
wheat ,. Where as years ago we did not have such a problem.

I bit the bullet and had alot of allergy testing done because I get migraines. Here's what I found, I am allergic to gluten, and all the products that go with that (soy) , and dairy, .
I will never be able to eat these again, They have wreaked havoc on my intestines so much so that I have leaky gut syndrome and that in itself is very hard to treat.

As soon as I got off diary and all gluten, headaches disappeared, I am still going thru the process of dealing with the inflamation in my body and leaky gut. This will take a number of months as I get alot of reaction in detoxing,
I stick with meats veggies and low glycemic fruits.
Anyway just a thought for all of you who are dealing with diabetes and other complications.

OH my sugar is fine ,now no highs and lows and Im on my way to a fully recovery…

REmember this is nothing to full with, An allergy to diary and gluten can lead to very very bad complications which no amount of drugs will heal. ,

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