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Is anyone else's significant other also a diabetic … Cuz mine is I have been with my boyfriend for about two months he was diagnosed 3 years ago but I was diagnosed a little less than a month ago and he Han been there for me sooo much helping me with every thing being there for my lows an highs I just have soo much support from him we are both type 1

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Rick719 2013-05-06 21:24:49 -0500 Report

My wife is diabetic. She was diagnosed first. She started with oral medication and then had to move to insulin shots. Later, she was able to get off of the shots. Next, I was diagnosed with diabetes. They tried the oral medications with me, but soon found that I needed two kinds of insulin shots. Then, my wife had to return to the insulin shots, but this time she had to take the two kinds of insulin as well. Then, they removed the oral medications from both of us. Currently, I am able to gradually reduce my insulin dosage. My wife is already on a lower dosage than I am.