Heart murmer

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Started 2013-05-04 18:15:30 -0500

My exercise days are going to have to be limited now. Do to a soft heart murmer that I was born with. My heart stopped one time during a surgery when I was 18. Now that I have been exercising vigouruosly, and longer, I notice that after a while, I am feeling fluttering/paltipations after exercise. I had them really bad the other day. I didn't relize that the cause of the fluttering was from over exerting myself. Which saddens me because I was trying to loose weight, to get my diabetes some what controlled and to help everything flow right. I can only do a few days a week. It will just take me a little longer. I am also talking to my Dr. next week about the gastric by pass surgery. Hopefully after the surgery things will be better.

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