Diet, Exercise and Moods May 2013

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Sorry I am late getting this one started. I lost track of the Dates. Well I am getting ready to go for along walk of about 3-4 miles long as soon as I can get me another pedometer I will know how far it is. I am doing Laundry as well today and then going to pin some strips together to start on a small project. I haven't made up my mind if it is going to be pot holders or place mats maybe both. I am also making my Sister Sue a Doggy Bed for her little Sitsu Misty. Her Daughter Stormy put in a Bid on a home last week and it was accepted now all she has to do is come in off the road and sign the papers and then move herself and her mom into the house. It is in Tawas City, MI 2 Bedroom so if I visit them I will be sleeping on the Couch or get me a roll away bed to drop on at night. I love going home to MI for my yearly visits. I call them my Battery recharging times. I always seem to be more healthy when I get back from up there and more at peace with myself. I am going up at the End Of This Month don't know how long I will be up there but Angels Birthday is on June 11th she will be 5 and wants Grandma to be there for it, so I might stay for atleast 2 weeks then come home and go back up the end of July or the 1st of August and be there for Mikey's Birthday on the 5th. Can't go up before the 31st as Bill is taking me out for my Birthday on the 31st and then I will head up to visit the Family again in August for 2 Weeks or just 1 week I haven't decided yet but I will be posting on here as I am taking my Laptop with me and using WiFi where I can get it. Talk more later when I get back from my Walk this morning.

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Edie 2013-05-11 19:33:19 -0500 Report

Good Evening Every one I hope this Month is being good to all of you on here. I am at a standstill for now on my Weight Loss so now am working on tighting it all up so that the Weight Loss starts up again. This Past week I have taken 3 one mile walks and 2 Four mile walk. This last one today took me 1 hour and 21 mins. I stopped 3 times to drink water because if I don't I end up wearing it down the front of my clothes. Real cold with the wind blowing at me. the temp today during my walk was 45 Degrees and it only got up to 55 they said on the News for my area LOL My numbers have been staying around 200 most of this week. Will try to do better next week.

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Look for Diet and Exercise June 2013 About May 25th that way we know it is on here. Please feel free to post your opinion or advice of how we can keep going and maybe help each other with our goals to keeping the Complications of Diabetes at bay for as long as we can. I look forward to everyones Opinion in the future. Thank you

Edie 2013-05-05 09:11:13 -0500 Report

My new Profile pic is one I had taken of me on 4/15/13 for all to see how much I have lost. Check out pg 2 of my pics and you will see what I looked like from 2008 to now. I have lost a lot of weight and still have more to lose. I did my walk yesterday with Dene but instead of the walking trail we walked around Converse while she waited for her Van repair to be done. We got in about an hour and walked almost the whole of the Business District and some of the Home sections. I enjoyed the walk. Didn't seem as far with someone with me and I didn't think we had walked no hour but she looked at her Cell phone clock and said yes we did. LOL I made Ham, potato salad, cream corn and Bill got the left overs of the Mac and Cheese. I had 3 slices (small the ends) 2 scoops of salad and one scoop of the corn. I had to go back to finish the salad and ham an hour later, wasn't as hungry as I thought. We ate at 3 pm then finished up after 4. But had Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast I had one biscuit with alittle gravy on it I am not one for Gravy but Bill Loves it so he got what he wanted for Breakfast I had one more biscuit with margarine on it. and I had a 20oz. bottle of pink lemonade still have 1/4 of the bottle left. been on it since 6:30 when Bill woke me up this morning. He lets me sleep till he starts to get hungry on weekends as I get up with him on Week day mornings at 2:30 to feed him fix his lunch and start on my house work I can again get 2 rooms clean before I have to stop for a break. energy level coming up and getting more done in less time again.

Edie 2013-05-04 10:28:36 -0500 Report

Well we went for our Walk and got back about an hour ago. I got onto the dishes and Laundry last load is in the washer now. I have more energy than I did before we left the house. We didn't go the route I was thinking about we ended up in Converse, IN dropped off her Van for a minor repair and walked around town went to 1 yard sale and then walked some more, we walked for just 1 hour besides the walking around the yard sale. It was at town hall and had a lot of great stuff for sale most everything was for $1 not bad they had a lot of business going thru there. Dene got me another Light House to add to my collection it is a Christmas one I will take a picture of it and post it in my pictures later for all to see. red and white stripe with Santa and his Reindeer flying around the top area just below the top window. the light on top is red when it is playing. takes 2 AA batteries and plays HO HO HO Merry Christmas and then the music from Frosty the Snow Man with a red light flashing in the house goes from there. I might burn out the lights or the batteries before Christmas. LOL Santa and the Reindeer don't move around the Light House but that is ok. I love it just the same. I had my walk for Today but will take another one this evening after Dinner. Will let you all know how it goes and how I feel after it. Anyone wanting to post their walks and moods on here be my guest I would love to hear from anyone wanting to join me on here. It is nice to share with others on how my BG is doing, how my exercise is going, What we eat and if I am doing something wrong please let me know that is what I have started this for. This Month I will start June's Discussion the last day or two of May. That way then in June we can just jump in and keep everyone updated as to how we are doing. I am going to check out some of my earlier ones and get back to the basics of them again on the Newer Ones. Hope to talk to you all again later and hope to hear from you as well. Thanks for listening to me. Hope you don't mind my sounding off on this Discussion that is why it is posted on here. You know it is nicer to walk with someone but if you don't have any one to walk with then walk by yourself and describe where you have walked at and what you have seen it makes another person feel like they are walking with you. Some people can't walk and this makes them a little less lonely and more a part of what is going on around them.

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