Another spike in my blood sugar!

By Julie2013 Latest Reply 2013-05-08 06:25:49 -0500
Started 2013-05-02 23:22:41 -0500

At 6:15 PM I took my blood glucose and it was 96 (3 hours after lunch) then I had dinner, an avacado with 3/4 loaf of pita bread (about 20 grams of carbs in the bread) and now my blood sugar two hours after eating is 149! What caused the spike - the pita bread or the avacado? didn't take in too many calories? I just don't know what to eat any more!

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Preacher79 2013-05-08 06:25:49 -0500 Report

It is important to have some carbs. The proper mix of carbs and protein helps to slow spikes. To much protein over a period of time can lead to kidney problems so it is important to be careful going to a protein heavy diet.

GabbyPA 2013-05-05 15:43:30 -0500 Report

First a rise of 53 is not horrible. Generally you want to keep it below 40, but that is not a huge spike.

What it might be is the combo. While the avocado has some fat in it, maybe not enough to help curb the carbs from the pita. If you had added some protein to it, say some turkey or bacon, it might have been a little better. The only way is to test and try to figure things out. For me, if I eat a carb with veggies, the carbs usually win unless I add some fat or protein to the mix.

tabby9146 2013-05-05 09:57:43 -0500 Report

sounds like the pita bread to me. I don't eat it, so I have no idea how I would respond to it. avocado is great. they are finding out more benefits to eating that all the time.

jojowm 2013-05-03 11:14:36 -0500 Report

I have to agree with Graylin Bee. I think it was the pita bread. I know if I had eaten that my BG would spike also. I feel your pain as far as what to eat, it sometimes can be quite confusing to the things that won't spike you BG. When I find something that doesn't spike the numbers I stick with it, but then I get bored with it after awhile. Guess it's just trial and error to find what works best for you. Good Luck, I hope you can find foods that work well for you. Almost 8mos since diagnosed and still tryiing.

Nick1962 2013-05-03 11:04:25 -0500 Report

I'll agree with the others - more the pita than anything. Those numbers are pretty good and I wouldn't change anything (and I'm very picky about my numbers).

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2013-05-03 00:29:16 -0500 Report

If I had eaten the pita bread and avocado, the pita bread would have been the cause. My BG spikes when I eat most any grain based product. Have you tried subbing grain based breads with almond meal/flour breads or coconut flour breads? Several other DC members have been limiting their wheat and other grain use and finding they have better BG control.

flipmom 2013-05-03 00:20:52 -0500 Report

i would say the combination of the two but more so on pita bread.. just my guess.although the spike you mention 149,to me would be a welcoming one…

Julie2013 2013-05-03 16:39:02 -0500 Report

I am going to stop eating bread if I can - or maybe a slice of pumpernickel now and then. I had 2 spinach pies today and my blood sugar spiked to 173. OMG!!! I gotta just stop eating, LOL. thanks for your response :)

flipmom 2013-05-03 22:03:21 -0500 Report

i love pumpernickel bread! thats the only bread i use and occational rye or marble… does the spinach pie have crust on it? again, the flour tends to spike my bs..

Julie2013 2013-05-03 23:53:31 -0500 Report

Yes it has a spinach stuffing covered with dough made out of flour. It must of had a lot of carbs! Glad I got on this site, because I had thought checking my blood sugar 3 times a day was overkill. But now I am checking more frequently. I had a piece of bonless chicken tenderlion with salad. I made my own dressing out of lemon juice and olive oil with some Mrs Dash spices. Sometimes I crush up a clove of garlic too.2 hours later my blood sugar is at 113. I am now seeing that what I eat does make a difference. Bread used to be a staple for me, so I do miss the bread, but now with diabetes - I got to be careful. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Julie2013 2013-05-05 22:46:30 -0500 Report

It has to be what I am eating??? I have just started eating chicken tenderloins - was eating just fish - ate the chicken in a bed of salad greens with lemon & olive oil and less than 2 hours later my blood glucose was 104. Wow I am going to start eating more lean chicken and lay off all of the bread products for the most part.

flipmom 2013-05-07 18:50:34 -0500 Report

i cant live without bread! that would stress me out! i just eat toast of pumpenickle with protien or cheese and i dont do too bad.. thats why its important to test often at first so you know what you can tolerate..:)

Julie2013 2013-05-07 22:52:16 -0500 Report

Your right! Gonna buy some pumpernickel bread this weekend and maybe some low calorie cream cheese - yummy:)

MsBugzee 2013-05-06 20:24:05 -0500 Report

Oh it's a grim realization. There was a really good low carb bread (7) grms per slice and high fiber but it was when we were living in CA haven't found a replacement yet. Sigh, don't be discouraged Julie you can still have. Bread carb just not like we used too.

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